Virgo New Moon August 27, 2022

The earthy nature of Virgo is a mood of quiet stillness and lends itself to patience with the power of concentration to focus on serious healing. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and represents the sixth house of the natural Zodiac Wheel. The sixth house is occupation, illness, service to mankind and humility. A mutable earth sign, Virgo is flexible, adaptable and can thrive on change. Mercury’s winged heels allow swift changeability and the ability to see many different perspectives. Virgo rules the Solar Plexus Chakra which vitalizes the nervous system, digestive process, metabolism, and emotions. There may be a breakthrough preceding the breakdown or vice versa.

The Virgin or Fair Maiden with a shaft of wheat symbolizes Virgo, meaning purification and the need to help and be of meaningful service. Virgo is efficient as expressed by separating the wheat from the chaff. It is thought that the glyph, an ‘M’ with an inward twist, represents the introspection and modesty that is inherent in this energy. Methodical and hard-working, referred to as the analyst, the critic, craftsperson, and the perfectionist. The lesson for Virgo to learn is that there is no such thing as perfection. Their primary journey is to balance mind and body or mind and matter. There is a preference for privacy during workday routines so each task can be perfected one at a time. Virgo is practical and desires continuity to their craft, always refining technique.

This lunation includes a square aspect with Mars in Gemini sparking lively debates on how to move forward in personal relationships and/or work matters. Virgo’s ruling planet nearby, Mercury in Libra is slowing down to station retrograde on September 10 making court decisions and legal matters delayed, possibly overturned. Appeals of all kinds on tap for analysis, review, and revision. A quincunx (150-degree aspect) from the Virgo New Moon to Jupiter in Aries will challenge judgements and force consideration of situations from all sides. These aspects equal a feeling of “push me, pull me” or “squaring the circle”.  Opposites uniting to reconcile paradoxes is possible. Wholeness is found once impurities have been transmuted, and instincts transform human nature to become Divine.

Mercury is sometimes called the trickster, and this is tricky energy so best to slow down, double check facts and figures, and be open-minded to achieving the same goal but by a diverted path. Mercury is also the magician and magic is beyond nature – it is supernatural! Steady as you go, breathe and be patient, Soul!

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