Virgo Full Moon February 24, 2024

Virgo is the Analyst, Servant, Critic, Perfectionist, a Craftsperson and sometimes the Martyr. A mutable Earth energy ruled by Mercury and rules the Sixth House of the natural Zodiac. The Sixth House is where we find small animals, Occupation, Illness, Food and Service. Virgo rules the intestines, adrenals, and the nervous system. Related to the Solar Plexus Chakra and our center for metabolism and emotions, our power. Ailments associated with indigestion can be related to stuck in the past, fear, rejection, holding on the past anger. Healing herbs include Ginger Root, Slippery Elm, Rhubarb, Fennel, Parsley and Aloe Vera. The crystal associated with Virgo are Carnelian, Opal, Sapphire and Moonstone.

This month’s Virgo Full moon prompts attention to our health, diet, and nutritional needs. You may contemplate a new exercise routine and strive for balance. Virgo tends to be too picky and must learn that there is no such thing as perfection. Attention to detail makes Virgo a natural librarian, always trying to put things in order. Virgo makes lists of lists. With Saturn and Neptune still in Pisces, opposite the Full Moon, order may be hard to achieve. Being less strict about the plans in place and embracing the variables to life will serve one well during this lunation.

Virgo likes logic and strategy however with Mercury also in Pisces, learning balance is required and we are reminded that life does not unfold as planned. We have a goal but must be open to the many different paths that lead to the same outcome. Jupiter making a trine to the Moon will bring optimism and strokes of luck. Possibly even discovering that the detour on the path actually produces better outcomes. The key is to meditate and relax when feeling a little lost in this energy. The reminder notice that we are always exactly where we are supposed to be and nothing ever stays the same. We are further reminded to embrace the challenges of the lessons Saturn teaches. We can celebrate our victories, large and small, whenever we recognize that a unhealthy pattern has been overcome. We are ready and open for the new things in life.

The South Node making a trine to Mars and Venus may bring people, dreams or feelings back from the past with the opportunity to transmute any negative memories and practice forgiveness of ourselves and others.  Pluto within a few degrees of Mars and Venus may drudge up old guck from unfulfilled dreams and asks us to reinvent our perspective on such things. Let go of any pain or disappointment from the past. Make room for the new adventures in love!

Virgo asks us to contemplate how we can serve others in community. Consider volunteering for non-profit organizations. Your dreams may reveal where you served in past lives and offer some clue as to how to better serve others in this lifetime. The best way to heal sadness or a broken heart is to focus on helping others and get our minds off of ourself. This Full Moon is a good time to write down detailed plans for the future and then be still and allow the Universe to set in motion the people and places that bring our plans into reality.  Stop worrying and get out of your own way!

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