Taurus New Moon May 19, 2023

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus and is the natural ruler of the second house where we find finances, possessions, legacies, and agriculture. Typically, stubborn with appreciation for the finer things in life. Slow down, enjoy the landscape, survey your horizon and develop artistic expression. A calm, stable vibration and soothing to Soul. Taurus rules precious stones and is associated with emerald, topaz, tigers’ eye and lapis lazuli.

Representative of the throat, neck, and base of skull areas of the physical body. A sore throat could be the emotional manifestation of repressed anger, stagnant creativity and/or the need to communicate. Herbs with medicinal value for throat conditions are echinacea, ginger and horehound. What do you need to say?

This lunation is a good time to express yourself. Mercury stationed direct and is conjunct the North Node. Time to get things moving and with Venus trine Saturn, obstacles or challenges are eased. Consider both the old and new resources combined to plan and set goals. Learn from past mistakes and be willing to explore new possibilities. Opportunity is knocking with Jupiter making a square to Pluto. Jupiter has recently entered Taurus making previously blocked paths flow smoothly. Jupiter was previously in the sign of Taurus from 2011 to 2012. You may find a slower pace and reset your pace. Taurus teaches patience. Take time to stop and smell the roses.

The warrior, Mars, is entering Leo and opposite Pluto creating changes that empower and assert boundaries. Vitality increases and a desire to clear the air and rethink jobs and align with your authentic Self. Suddenly information circulates, discoveries are made, and revelations are uncovered. The bully gets a taste of their own medicine, and the tables turn. What may have previously been thought to be a moot point comes to Light to reevaluate and inspire lively debates.

Taurus ruled by Venus reminds us to take pleasure in life and seek harmonious situations. This new moon will see resolution to difficult times and open the door for Spiritual growth and a deepening Faith. Discover the wonderment of a simpler life – unwind the spiral.

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