Taurus Lunar Eclipse October 28, 2023

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign symbolized by the bull and ruled by Venus, “I have”. Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house where we find security, personal possessions, finances and values. Archetypes of the Elf, Totem Animal, Stubborn Mule and the Silent One. Crystals representative of Taurus are emerald, topaz, toumaline, tigers eye and lapis lazuli.

Rules the neck, throat and ears. A sore throat could be the emotional manifesation of needing to communicate, repressed anger or stagnant creativity. Ginger and Echinacea help symptoms. Earches  can mean turmoil and anger and Licorice and Angelica are herbs that can assist. Thyroid represents humilitation and herbs that are good to integrate in your diet are Cayenne, Molasses, Parsley and Watercress.

Taurus has the reverence of nature and reminds us the magical power in mature – the study of physics. Focus on time, dimentions and quantum fields. Saturn in Pisces, a dissolution of the ways of old and time to strike a balance between practicality and fantasy. Sun, Mercury and Mars are in Scorpio opposing the eclispe and can bring issues to a culmination or a great release.

Mars in Scorpio emphases secrets revealed, toxins, criminal and underground activity and is opposing Jupiter. Mars opposite Jupiter brings expansion, surpirse opportunitities and standing our ground. Combinations of energies feed emotional turmoil and it is time to turn to nature for the answers and to find solice. Mars making aspect to Neptune is not as ambitious and challenges ability to focus. Spiritual practises like yoga, tai chi, meditation, drumming and chanting elevate vibrations and sharpen intuition.

Pluto continues to aspect the nodal axis, keeping attention on karmic cycles and patterns of energy. Pluto represents recycling and the life-death-life cycle in all things. Value systems undergo a rebirth. Areas of life experience rejuvination after having had completion and endings.  People and places from the past may come up for contemplation and release. Resilience is discovered wisdom is gained. Teachers are not always who or what we think and can actually be quite surprising. Be open to new perspectives and perceptions.

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