Taurus Lunar Eclipse Nov 8, 2022

The Sabian Symbol for Sixteen Degrees of Taurus is, “An old man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries”. The eclipse is about finding self-fulfillment and revolt against stagnation. The Taurus Scorpio axis is about balance between the intellectual mind (Taurus) and the intuitive Self (Scorpio). This lunation includes the Taurus Moon holding hands with the North Node and Uranus. You may have unexpected changes in your sense of security or practical matters surrounding money and personal possessions. North Node in Taurus is about finding your own sense of Self-worth without influence of three-dimensional matters and situations in your reality.

The Blood Full Moon is opposing the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio creating an added layer of intensity to the strength of the eclipse. People, places and circumstance will shift and we must be willing to surrender to our Soul’s calling and let go of unhealthy patters of behavior. An old myth surrounds the Blood Moon, as it was believed that lunar eclipses were caused by an animal or serpent attacking Mama Quilla (wife of the sun god, was the Moon Mother, and the regulator of women’s menstrual cycles). The custom was to try to scare away eclipses by making as much noise as possible. In mythology, this animal is often a big cat (a jaguar) that attacks the Moon; the blood-red color is the result of the cat’s attack. Blood is associated to Mars and Mars is currently making a square to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces – red lava will flow, earthquake activity is intensified causing major water events. Nerves are on edge, and it is critical to practice stress management through physical exercise and creative outlets. Be flexible, there are possibilities for unexpected advancement and travel.

Taurus is an Earth Fixed sign ruling the Second house of the natural Zodiac wheel, “I have”, representing possessions, finances, and values. Ruled by the planet Venus, enjoys luxury, fine arts, rich foods, and sensuality. The next six months are a good time to renovate a space within a home or garden. Dig in the dirt to feel connected to nature and simplify your priorities. A time of controlled chaos. Emerald, Topaz, Tourmaline, Tigers Eye and Lapis are amongst the crystals falling under Taurean rulership. Ruling the neck, throat and ears areas of the body. If you experience throat problems, what are you not communicating? What anger is suppressed? Have you ignored forms of creative expression? All questions to be asking ourselves during these times. Taurus is the Silent One, the Elf, Animal Totem (pick your favorite creature)! Taurus can be stubborn, reactionary, or materialistic.

In addition to the Full Moon Total Eclipse, there is a Fixed sign T-square to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn is firm and outlines rules and regulations, teaches us our boundaries, may feel restrictive. Saturn is Father Time, and his role is to teach us our lessons. Many will experience life lessons of maturity and taking responsibility (or ability to respond). Very little will be left hidden and now is the time in humanity for evolution of the Human Spirit and expressions of love, peace and creativity. Find compassion where once there was none, find empathy and patience where before there was compulsiveness and hard-headedness. Some would say we are in Biblical times and the world is well into a grand Spiritual Awakening, and with this awakening truths are revealed that may be challenging to accept. Slow down so that your intuition allows clear vision, and listen to your first voice!

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