Taurus Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse Nov 19, 2021

This Full Moon is called the Beaver Full Moon and is the longest partial lunar eclipse in 600
years! The first Full Moon of November is called the Beaver Full Moon because it is the time to
set traps before swamps freeze. The Moon’s face will be partially covered by the deepest part
of the Earth’s shadow making the Moon appear red in color. The Moon will be at 27 degrees of
Taurus and will bring stability to situations, a sense of release will be felt, and Spiritual
The Strait of Magellan, the passage immediately south of mainland South America connecting
the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, was discovered 600 years ago by Ferdinand Magellan. It
was the first complete recorded navigation of the Earth from Seville, Spain in 1519 and
returned to Spain in 1522 after crossing the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. What do you
need to navigate and discover?
Making a Trine (120 degree) aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and Square (90 degrees) to Jupiter,
these are fixed Earth energies that support focus on goals and projects. Positive aspects for loans,
financial institutions, investments, coins, and bonds. One’s earning ability can expand. There is
a global connection to understanding of differing cultures and the common values we share of
love, freedom, and prosperity. The Universe is abundant and meditate on opening to the Divine
flow of well-being and peace. Just as the Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned for this partial
eclipse, visualize your chakras in alignment and touching your inner most desire for love and
abundance. Get specific, write down the details, develop a plan on how to achieve your Soul’s
mission. Slow and steady, one step at a time, focus on the first step and use this time for self-discovery!
Venus rules Taurus and this is time to appreciate art of all kinds, taking your own art to a retail
market and spend time on your artistic expressions through dance, singing, sewing, making
jewelry, sculpture, architecture, and landscaping. Taurus the Bull reminds us to slow down and
take time to “stop and smell the roses” – find joy in the simple things. Experiences with the
throat, thyroid, neck, upper esophagus, ears, teeth, and gums may occur. If feeling tongue tied,
try writing your feelings in a journal and take time to acknowledge your mixed emotions and
thoughts, be honest with your heart and resist outside influences. Allow time to feel and the
words will come. What do you need to communicate? Or do you need to be still and listen?
Often money worries can manifest toothaches, practice laws of abundance, positive
affirmations, and activities that keep worries in check. Taurus traditionally is stubborn, however
the T-square to Jupiter and Trine to Pluto acts as a release valve to the pressure, and will
encourage creative expressions and activity. Namaste.
Lion Mountain Healing
Copyright 2021