Scorpio New Moon November 13, 2023

Scorpio teaches the lesson of regeneration and the life-death-life cycles in all things. A Fixed Water sign ruled by Mars originally and Pluto since Pluto was discovered in 1930. Symbolized by the scorpion, a nocturnal arachnid that will sting itself to death before allowing you to set it on fire! Represents an inherent concept of self-sabotage.

Scorpion archetypes are the Shaman, Psychologist, Detective, Seducer, and the Spy. A penetrating nature that thrives on finding out what makes you tick. Natural ruler of the eighth house where we look for information on death, inheritance, other people’s resources, taxes, insurance, and rebirth. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, bladder and the Root Chakra which gives vitality to the physical body, Life-force, survival, Self-preservation and instincts, “I desire”. Scorpio is the most instinctual sign of the Zodiac. Scorpion crystals are citrine, obsidian, malachite, turquoise and aquamarine.

The Scorpio New Moon is making a trine to Neptune and is the energy of spiritual clarity. A soothing salve to help heal past emotional pain. Be still and calm and meditate to allow hidden information and answers to surface. This lunation is holding hands with Mars which is opposite Uranus making for surprises and release of resistance.  A Uranus opposition is a wakeup call and provides an energy boost to accomplish tasks that have languished. A great time to declutter, renovate and transform personal spaces.

Pluto is squaring the Libra-Aries Nodal Axis bringing attention to past jobs, employment and lessons surrounding self-worth and respect in relationships. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and just need to get out of our own way – make a commitment to stop overthinking. This New Moon lunation purges karmic patterns and is a good time to bond with nature. Spending time on Self-care is important and a priority.

Historically, 2015 focused on global climate issues, trade deals, refugee crisis, borders, nuclear power, currencies being revalued and surprisingly low gas and oil prices. There were 30 major hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones that occurred in the northern hemisphere and the prior record was 23, 25 of which storms were category 4 or 5. Think back to the early part of 2015 and reflect on those life situations to get an idea of similar themes for you now. Scorpio delves into the darkness and the infinite quality of time and space.

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