Scorpio New Moon 11-4-2021

Since the Sun and Mars in Scorpio connect with this New Moon, there is potential for challenging themes like jealousy, vindictiveness, suspicion, and insecurities bringing up hurt feelings and anger. This New Moon makes an opposition to retrograde Uranus in Taurus lending the surprise element to matters of money, the world wide web and evolution – or devolution(?)   Events unexpectedly may occur, so caution is required so not to act without thinking first. A time to slow down and flow like a river over and around the rocks or obstacles with confidence that the only thing permanent is change. The better we master a steadiness of emotion, the better we will navigate troubled waters.

It takes courage and strength to face our fears and be accountable for our actions. Anger is the emotion that expresses underlying fears. Ruled by Pluto in modern times and by Mars in ancient times, Scorpio is the powerhouse of the zodiac and known for intensity. Careful to deny fears and anger as what we feared the most will manifest. The Scorpion mind is deep and penetrating, motivated by discovering what makes people tick. Instincts are right on target and when ignored is when negative things occur. Ruling the reproductive organs, linked to sacred sexuality. Often misunderstood because there is an innate secretiveness which others interpret as promiscuity. Scorps spend lengthy periods of time alone and choose to be celibate until and unless a Spiritual partner is found with the same value systems. Steadfastly loyal to a Spiritual path whether conscious or not with a mission of truth. A water fixed sign that rules the eighth house in the natural chart.

Eighth house is where to look at matters regarding accountants and bankruptcy, particularly with Saturn oppositions. Autopsies, ceremonies in connection to the dead, inheritances, estates of marriage or business partners – other people’s money and venture capitalist. Surgery, suicides as well as destruction of the State and mortality rates and the Occult. Outcomes of lawsuits, losses, public income, and money. Rules psychic experiences as well as psychic receptivity and abilities. People found in the eighth house are parents, in-laws, nieces and nephews, and step siblings. Eighth house is the Undertaker.

Pluto is an energy of extremes and the lesson for Scorpio to learn is moderation. Also, represented is the life-death-life cycle in all things and Scorpions go through ongoing rebirths. Scorpio is the executioner, detective, tax collector, pharmacists, and physicians in general. Scorpio has a very dark side and tend to gravitate to other Scorps with the bond of deep thinking and intrigue with death itself. The promise of Pluto is it builds back better that which it destroys, hence symbolized by the phoenix rising from the ash.

Mars is lustful, passionate and the warrior, leader, gladiator, and armed forces. It is a combative, disruptive, and assertive force to be reckoned with. Mars rules blood, blood pressure, adrenal glands, knives, butchers, drugs, genitals, enemies, missiles, fire, and cremation. When negatively aspected presents as cruel and tyrannical people, places, and things.

The scorpion will sting itself to death before it allows you to set it on fire and expressed in human terms, Scorpios must learn to recognize and heal behavior of self-sabotage. Eagle is another symbol for Scorpio. It is extremely hard to get close to a Scorpio, and there will always be a sense of mystery or something hidden. Mostly, Scorpios are honest and want privacy and discretion – of course, tempered by other aspects in the natal birth chart. Their honesty often construed as brutal with a sting or “tough love.”  Fiercely dedicated to uncovering the truth. Scorpios forgive but never forget. The Sabian symbol for 12 degrees Scorpio is “An embassy ball” and is linked to human imagination to correct social dramas so people can determine if loyalty manifests desired aspirations. Rest, relax and rejuvenate, Namaste.

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