Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 15-16, 2022

Transformation, Rebirth, and Integrity are the key themes for this lunation. Within a degree of the South Node, things from the past effect the future. Acceptance is the highest expression of Soul growth and essential to a brighter future. A Full Moon brings completion to the lunar and or karmic cycle. Scorpio is the powerhouse of the Zodiac, ruled by Mars and Pluto – Gods of War and Regeneration. An energy of extremes and the lesson for Scorpio to learn is moderation. Intense with impatience for the superficial. Scorps seek like-minded people that enjoy penetrating the deeper secrets and meanings of life and existence. Instinctual with uncanny psychic ability.

The Scorpio will sting itself to death before it will allow you to set it on fire. Self-sabotage is the repeating pattern and creates lessons of the life-death-life cycle. Structures of nature display an organic intelligence and connect the Soul to the miracle of creation to help understand the depth of revival, resilience, and renewal. A fixed water energy or “I desire” representing taxes, insurance, finances and possessions of others, death, inheritance and the private detective. Ruling the Root Chakra and gives vitality to the physical body, Life-Force, survival, and Self-preservation.

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and elimination systems. Manifestations of sexual diseases are the emotional expression of sexual guilt and believing genitals are dirty or sinful. Healing herbs include Black Walnut, Damask Rose, Vervain, Golder Seal Root and Uva Ursi. Aquamarine, besides being its birthstone, Aquamarine is the stone of courage and protection. Stones under Scorpion rulership are Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Sodalite, Golden Yellow Topaz and Citrine.

Fascinated by the underworld, forensics, and mysteries of all kinds. Scorpios can spend extended periods of time alone. A time of facing the truth in the mirror to release negative memories and behavior patterns of self-sabotage. Forgive Self and those you would perceive have hurt you and embrace acceptance. Declutter your mind by taking time to be still and meditate in nature.

Mercury has stationed retrograde creating a power struggle to advance with communications and adjustments are necessary. Take a step back and reevaluate the projects and goals. The Moon squaring Saturn in Aquarius could have you slipping back into old negative thoughts and patterns, stay calm and go slow. The conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces brings great inspirations through Aquatic therapy, which is also known as water therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, pool exercise, or hydrotherapy – a nice hot shower, salt bath or a meditation of being near a body of water. Create strategies that help you find the patience and perseverance to stay the course to achieve your career and relationship desires.

Scorpio is the cosmic entrepreneur facing shadows with bold determination and conviction always passionate about finding the Truth. This Lunar eclipse acts as a trigger to bring Light to the secrets, and fresh starts. Where there is an ending, is always a beginning. Namaste!

Lion Mountain Healing – Copyright 2022