Scorpio Full Moon April 23, 2024

The Shaman, the Detective, the Hypnotist, the Seducer, the Spy, and the Intruder. Scorpio is a fixed water sign with precision instincts. Ruled by Mars prior to the discovery of Pluto, “I desire.” The energy of extremes and Scorpio must learn moderation. Symbolized by the scorpion, an animal that will sting itself to death before it allows you to set it on fire – self sabotage. Scorpio is deep thinking and penetrating with a fascination of the life-death-life cycle in all of nature. Scorpion stones include citrine, obsidian, turquoise and malachite. Rules organs of generation and elimination. Ruler of the eighth house where we look for information concerning taxes, insurance, finances, other people’s money, and inheritance.

The Full Moon is making a square to Pluto, so this may cause hidden secrets and fears to surface. There may be options that prove to no longer be viable with emphasis on protecting our safety and security. Where one cycle ends another begins, although it may take some time before recognizing the new, but ultimately time will reflect you dodged a bullet. Scorpio has a reputation of being manipulative and always wanting control so try not to be too fixed on anyone or idea and allow the nature of the person or thing to unfold in its’ own time and way.

Focus is on the Root Chakra where vitality fuels the physical body, Life-Force, Kundalini, Survival, Self-Preservation, and Instincts. A good time to get into a good mystery or detective work. Still feeling the Jupiter Uranus conjunction from a few days ago, so be aware of the unsettled energies in the environment and not overreact. Aries stellium of Venus, Chiron, Mercury, and the North Node fuel a restlessness or edginess and now is not the time to burn a bridge or say things you will regret.

By the end of the week the Moon will be opposite the Jupiter Uranus conjunction and Mercury will station retrograde which will feel more optimistic and encourage movement forward to many opportunities. The intensity of emotions the last few weeks will subside slightly and offer the chance to regroup armed to begin again.

The only think permanent is change, so the more comfortable we become with change, the more peaceful we feel and flow more easily with the ever changing tides of time and space.  We will soon feel the settled vibration of Taurus with attention on healing old wounds while gaining wisdom to apply to future ventures.

Lion Mountain Healing

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