Sagittarius New Moon November 23, 2022

Freedom by embracing the truth is the energy of this New Moon in close aspect to Mercury and Venus. Family ties and going down memory lane will influence the next couple of weeks. Our challenge is to be ourselves and accept things that may have caused us pain or a challenge in the past. A day ahead of the New Moon, the Sun leaves Scorpio and begins its’ transit in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and on this very day, Jupiter stations direct in Pisces having been retrograde since late July 2022.

Shoot for the Moon at least you will fall amongst the stars is the mindset to have to achieve success and opportunities galore! What are your dreams? What practical steps can you take to get closer to your dream life? There is a delicate balance to maintain between the Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury together in the fire sign of Sagittarius with the watery vibe of Jupiter in Pisces. Be mindful of your mood and self-talk to keep optimistic. The water can put out fire and the fire can dehydrate water so be tuned into how you are feeling what symptoms to you hear from your body? Jupiter and Sagittarius rule the liver, hips, thigh areas. Are you having trouble moving forward or making major decisions? Embellish your gratitude and try to limit complaining. It is true that everything happens for a reason even if it is hard to believe. Smoky Quartz, Lapis, Labradorite and Clear Quartz fall under Sagittarius rulership.

The natural ruler of the nineth house of the Zodiac wheel, Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, “I see”. Sagittarius is the gypsy, scholar, philosopher and can be fanatic. Sag wants to be free to seek knowledge and does not go along with the trend or crowd. The nineth house is where we find dreams and visions, long journeys, and all different cultures. The law and court, justice systems come under focus and scrutiny of deceptive and unfair ways to get an overhaul.

This is a time to explore new interests and hobbies and be open to meeting new people. A sense of purging unfulfilling worn-out activities, people and places that do not support manifesting abundance and love. Jupiter teaches that  pain serves as a reminder notice to do better, stretch out of the comfort zone and bring healing into your life and body. Often the chains that bind are merely a fragment of our own self-sabotage, and now is a time to break free and face any fears inhibiting your growth and emotional satisfaction. Be honest with yourself about who or what you feel was done to you and look at things from new perspectives. Clearing out old gunk makes room for the expansion of the Soul’s desires, and allow the Universe to unfold your yellow brick road!

Lion Mountain Healing

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