Sagittarius New Moon December 12, 2023

Jupiter rules Sagittarius – the planet of optimism, expansion, travel and the truth. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and has an innate instinct for the desire to be free. Deeply philosophical, “I see”. Rules the nineth house where the abstract mind, faith, religion, and visions are found. The Archetypes of the gypsy, scholar, pilgrim and fanatic.

Rules the hips, thighs, and liver. Hip problems can be symptoms of resistance to moving forward or making major decisions. Herbs for general pain are Alfalfa, Angelica, Burdock and Comfrey. Crystals under Sagittarian rulership is smokey quartz, sodalite, labradite and clear quartz.

This new moon is close in orb to Mars supporting motivation for new fitness routines and getting your surroundings cleaned up and out. Nerves will be on edge and think twice before reacting out of anger or frustration. Directing this fired up energy to mark tasks off of the to-do list is very positive. Mars trines Chiron, making an opportunity to purge unhealthy habits, memories and people who do not support your best interest. You could experience growing pains and have a mix of emotions between what has been familiar and navigating into uncharted waters for your highest good and to embrace the truth.

Neptune squares the new moon adding to stronger psychic abilities and strong intuition. Fact may be blurry but using your natural instincts will guide you well. Neptune coming into the late degrees of Pisces means all it represents is intensified. Neptune in Pisces represents addiction, feet, poison, hospitals, past lives, spirituality, fantasy, espionage and mystery.

The following day, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will have us going back over work and plans to refine and/or redo. Mercury will station direct January 2, 2024, but not out of the shadow of the retrograde until January 22, 2024. Chiron goes direct on December 26 and Jupiter stations direct on New Year’s Eve. Neptune went direct earlier this month vibrations are escalating in quickness and any stagnant energies will be free to move forward, grow and create.

The Northern Hemisphere celebrates the Winter Solstice on December 21 as the Sun enters Capricorn which makes a beautiful trine to the Moon. Trines bring gifts and good fortune. The Winter Solstice symbolizes the death and rebirth of the Sun. Gradually, daylight hours grow longer. A reminder Notice of the cyclical nature of life and where there is an ending, there is a beginning. Namaste.

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