Sagittarius Full Moon June 3-4, 2023

Time to journey outside your comfort zone and face truths that may be disturbing. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter and natural ruler of the nineth house, “I see”. The nineth house represents Philosophy, Faith, Long Journeys, Spirituality, Dreams and Visions. Discover the Shaman, Scholar, and Pilgrim within.  Symbolized by the Centaur Archer, half man, half horse mythical being with origins from the Greek mythology Gods and Goddess of Mount Olympus believed to have ruled over human affairs.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter representing the legal system, Judges, Sportsmen, Clergymen and Professors. Jupiter currently transits the sign of Taurus and opposes the South Node. An idea you may have had for an invention or patent in the past could be revived and pursued with success. Jupiter sextiles Saturn brings beneficial opportunities for growth and expansion, especially if you have been paying attention to lessons learned. Jupiter is holding hands with the North Node and opens doors to a brighter future financially and spiritually. Karmic debts being settled.

A square between the Full Moon and Saturn brings creative inspiration when facts seem to be fuzzy. Sag does not waste time and the inner tension caused by the square provides the stamina to see the matter through to the end, and in some cases, the bitter end. Conflict is experienced with a square aspect until you view situations from a higher perspective and honor all sides of the story. Writing, journaling, reading, and feeding the mind positive and interesting “food” leads to finding calm during a storm. These are supportive aspects for publishing or making public your art.

Mercury conjunct Uranus brings sudden and surprising financial information; a loan gets approved, a promotion or raise comes unexpectedly and news comes in unconventional ways. Changes with internet services and unexplainable electronic glitches can occur. Venus will move into Leo giving way to more social media platforms and being more social in general. By June 11, Mercury changes its sign and moves into Gemini, creating even more circulation of information. On the same day, Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn until Fall meaning subjects from earlier in the year can resurface relating to work and structure. There could be a rebirth of some kind. Use intuition to sort through the various sources of information and be discerning.

The Sabian Symbol for 13 degrees of the Sagittarius Full Moon is, “A widow’s past brought to light” and affirms rectification of past suffering. The Soul has the realization that an honest assessment of difficulties brings clarity and enrichment. Moving forward, the practice of self-preservation and protection becomes natural. Keep moving and give thanks for the precious gift of the present moment, breathe Soul … deeply and slowly.

Lion Mountain Healing

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