Sagittarius Full Moon June 14, 2022

Truth, courage, and freedom are the vibrations of this full moon at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Sagittarius mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter and is the 9th house in the natural zodiac wheel – the house of faith, religion, visions, higher education, and philosophy. “I see” are the key words for Sagittarius and the symbol is the Centaur, half man, half horse archer, or wounded healer. Other archetypes are the gypsy, the pilgrim, scholar and when negatively expressed, the overbearing jerk or fanatic. Place your clear quartz, lapis lazuli and labradorite under the light of the Supermoon to cleanse and re-energize the crystals.

Sagittarius rules the liver, hip, and thigh areas of the body, and sometimes resistance moving forward on the path may create symptoms in the hip area. Natural herbs to help with hip pain are comfrey, alfalfa, angelica, burdock and moist heat or castor oil compresses. Chronic complaining can cause liver disorders and the herbs milk thistle, dandelion, red beet, and onion are good for the liver. This full moon may illuminate areas and thoughts where we have been too rigid or reluctant to consider all angles.

On June 11, Venus will hold hands with Uranus in Taurus and create the open doors to new love or falling in love with someone or something new with a surprise element. You may unexpectedly receive a refund, plan a party, visit a palmist, or go to the opera. Be sure to slow down, take leisure time to nourish your body and Soul.

 A Mercury trine Pluto on June 12th will be the third and last aspect since April 28 and the second trine was May 20th. The same emotions and details happening around those dates will return. The Trine aspect is when two planets are 120 degrees apart and are fortunate gifts and positive experiences and when involving Mercury, good communications, and resolution to puzzles. Expect to gain support for hobbies, special plans, and projects.

A Square (90 degrees aspect) between the Moon and Neptune hours following the full moon will challenge us to discern fact from fantasy. Care should be taken when making judgments or major decisions as this energy brings with it a gullibility that makes us more impressionable and vulnerable to dreamy scenarios and fuzzy details. Within days the Sun will Trine Saturn and the energy will feel more stable and grounded. Use the full moon to dream and relax delay major decision making until after June 18th or so.

June 20th will be the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere with the Sun entering Cancer. Cancer initiates by making safe space and personifies the mother energy or nurturer. Within a day, Mercury sextile Jupiter brings opportunities through communication, but you must make it happen and be optimistic. The Venus trine Pluto brings deep interest in soul connections and an “all or nothing” type energy. Venus Pluto does not have interest in superficial people or relationships. By June 24, both Mercury and Venus will be in Gemini and feelings become more buoyant with artistic expression. Neptune is slowing down to station retrograde by the end of June and Summertime is for travel, visiting faraway places either figuratively or literally and getting a little sand between the toes! Relax and re-energize!

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