Pisces New Moon March 2, 2022

Pisces is ruled by the Roman God Neptune and co-ruled by Jupiter. Neptune (Poseidon in Greek) is the God that resides at the deepest part of the ocean and guards the gates leading to the ancient mysteries of the Universe. The Soul swims through dark murky waters to reach the depths of their most authentic consciousness. Ruling the 12th house in the natural Zodiac, where we hide our fears, secrets, and past lives – referred to as the anxiety closet. The Greek God, Jupiter (same as Roman God Zeus) was considered to be the God of all Gods, ruling the heavens while Neptune rules the seas.

This New Moon is holding hands with Jupiter, the largest planet in the galaxy and represents foreign affairs, cultures, the Judge, courts of law, integrity, higher education and publications. These combinations support international travel, transcendental meditation, outer body travel, dreams, dreamwork and altered states of consciousness. With a minor aspect to Uranus, we are seeking our freedom and individuality all the while finding common ground with humanity. We are being guided to see a bigger picture and using our imagination to create alternative ways of being and expressing a higher Spiritual vibration.

Pisces is symbolized by the two fishes swimming upstream, or against the tides, and is the psychic sponge. Care must be taken to not absorb other people’s negativity and make conscious efforts to cleanse our energy daily. Using a sage tincture or burning sage in your space helps cleanse negative energy. Aquamarine is a general tonic stone aiding with the glandular system helping to strengthen the cleansing organs and protects against pollutants. Once carried by sailors as protection from downing. Rose quartz is believed to help rid the body of impurities, and Moonstone helps sharpen the psychic faculty.

If you experience foot problems, you may ask yourself if there is something you are having a problem with moving forward in your life? Gout is a common foot ailment and can be helped by eating celery, yam, or germander, and eating less of foods containing uric acid like beans, alcohol, yeast, and fried items. A mixture of apple juice, cayenne, lemon juice combined with 2-3 ounces of olive oil is a drink to cleanse the liver (Jupiter rules the liver). Pisces must learn to restrict over-indulgences in alcohol and sugar, and learn moderation, harmony and finding peace within the Self. This New Moon falls on Ash Wednesday preceded by Mardi Gras, a French festival or “Fat Tuesday” prior to the beginning of Lent (a season of fasting in certain cultures). Mardi Gras is all about over indulgences so … Pisces practice moderation!

The Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees of Pisces is “An examination of initiates” and in a positive expression helps the Soul to be their greatest potential as a Spiritual Being. When negatively aspected, represents bitterness and addiction. This lunation pushes the Soul to reach realms of consciousness that connect with unconditional love. So Be It.

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