Pisces New Moon March 10, 2024

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune and rules the Twelfth House where we find past lives, karma, confinement, secrets, enemies. The Twelfth House is our anxiety closet where we stuff our fears. Pisces is the psychic sponge, empathic and compassionate, “I Believe”. The Mystic, the Dreamer, the Poet, the Addict and Space Cadet. The Third-eye Chakra vitalizes Lower brain and the Central Nervous System, Soul Realization, Wisdom and Perception beyond Duality.

Very sensitive emotions will be experienced during this lunation and it is a time to quiet your nerves and spend time in nature, especially near bodies of water. Water works as a calming elixir for Pisces energy. Emotions ebb and flow like the waves and tides of the ocean. Neptune resides in the deepest waters of the ocean guarding the gate that holds all of the ancient secrets and mysteries of the World. Synonymous with our subconscious mind,  and our dream state. Use this time to pay closer attention to your dreams and keep a journal. Like planting a seed in the soil where it is dark prior to gestation of a spout and new growth, this New Moon is time to quietly envision our goals and projects however keeping them to ourselves for now to gather power.

The New Moon is holding hands with Neptune magnifying the intuition and psychic faculty. Destiny and Spiritual lessons become clearer. Saturn is still in the sign of Pisces fortifying the ability to heal old wounds and release negative emotional patterns. This Spiritual work can be draining and it is important to honor your personal space and set healthy boundaries without guilt. Pisces can be indulgent so be careful not to drink alcohol or overdue sweets.

Pisces rules the feet and feet problems can represent having a hard time moving forward or understanding ourselves and others. Cramps or spasms with feet can be aided with Mexican Wild yam, Guilder Rose. Gout occurs with too much Uric Acid in the system and is helped with a diet free of fried foods and legumes. Herbs like Celery, Wall Germander and Hydrangea help.

Mars and Venus widely Trine to the South Node creates nostalgia and will bring up people, places, and memories from the past. Try not to stay too long in the past but instead bless the person or memory and move forward. Practice forgiveness of your Self and others. Let go of regrets and find acceptance for actions and decisions of the past. Decisions get made based on the information available at the time. Mercury has moved into Aries and emotions may feel more jumbled than usual in this Piscean mix. Feelings of irritation and sadness without understanding why are typical of this combination. Just remember the only thing permanent is change so keep looking ahead and making room for the new things in your life.

Paranormal activity, messages from loved ones who have crossed over and spirit-related activities intensify. Take the opportunity to practice psychic ability and tune in to that small still voice in your mind. The truth can be a matter of perspective depending on whose position you consider. Remain open to receive musings that are outside your normal thought patterns and embrace the vastness of the Universe!

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