Pisces New Moon February 19, 2023

Time to bring fantasy into form with the Pisces New Moon holding hands with Saturn better known as Father Time. Maintain a steady nature by remembering the lessons Father Time has taught. Watch your mind. The ethereal nature of the twelfth and final sign of the natural Zodiac, rules the psychic faculty, is highly sensitive and empathic to the pain of others. The twelfth house is where we find institutions like hospitals, secrets, secret enemies, and past lives. Deeply Spiritual, Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter with the modern ruler of Neptune. The mystic, dreamer, poet, visionary and the addict, Pisces is a mutable water sign, “I believe”.

Pisces rules the feet, and problems with the feet can be the manifestation of having a hard time moving forward or understanding ourselves and other. Herbs to ease the discomfort of cramps or spasms are Mexican Wild Yam, Guilder Rose. Gout is helped with Celery, Wall Germander and Hydrangea. Associated with the third-eye chakra, Soul Realization, and perception beyond Duality. Crystals like rose quartz, calcite, aquamarine, and moonstone are ruled by Pisces.

These times are when the metal hits the road and when your wildest dreams hang in the mysterious mist of the sub conscious mind. It is only the limits of our own beliefs that keep wishes from coming true.  Vesta, Juno, Jupiter, and Chiron, are in Aries and create an impatient impulsive vibration, be mindful of slowing down to pace yourself. Within two days of the New Moon, Venus will be making her way into Aries also paving the way for new love, adventure and pioneering a new invention and direction. With the basic elements; water saturates fire and fire dehydrates water but in perfect balance, steam is created. The New Moon will create optimism, attention on healing and connection with humanity. The arts and metaphysics are prominent.

The Pisces constellation symbolizes Aphrodite and her son Eros, Mother and Son tied their tails together so not to be separated while they disguised themselves as fish to hide from Typhon. Typhon was the titan that ruled monster storms and volcanic eruptions. Shown as fish swimming upstream. Pisces asks do you act or react? Be in denial or face a reality, that may at times be harsh? This New Moon reflects the themes of resistance and passivity. Namaste.

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