Pisces Full Moon 9-20-2021

Out of sign opposition to Mars in Libra …

What if the things we thought were real are fake and the things we think are fake are real?  What if …two words to sum up the energy of the Pisces full moon holding hands with Neptune (in its home of Pisces) opposing Mars in Libra within hours of the Fall Equinox, Sun entering Libra and Mercury slowing up to station retrograde in Gemini (on September 26).  Energy of integrity and the scales of justice balance.

What if you could have whatever you wanted only 10 times better for the sacrifice of your pride?  What if the only thing between you and your desire is humility?  The Ego never wants us happy.  “Forget your foolish pride …” as the song goes.  Boundaries and values being redefined, conflict with forced isolation, depression open the path to Soul searching and finding your purpose to participate in humanity!  Forget what you thought you knew and be open to exploring all of nature’s magic, miracles, and mysteries of the Universe!

Neptune, (the “Earth-Shaker”), God of the Sea and Earthquakes, rules the 12th house and Pisces.  He descended from the mountains shaking the earth beneath his feet, wearing gold, carrying his trident, boarded his gold chariot led by the fastest horses, flowing golden manes in the wind and rides across the waves.  Neptune guards the gate at the bottom of the sea that protects all the ancient secrets and mysteries of the Universe.  A Soul must be willing to swim through some very dark, murky waters to reach the gate, synonymous with “Dark Night of the Soul”. 

In the natal birth chart, the 12th house represents our anxiety closet, where we hide our fears, secrets, secret enemies, psychic ability, creativity, the sub-conscious mind, dreams, past lives, and karma.  The sub-conscious is the electro-magnetic field surrounding our bodies, and karma can be described as candle wax in this field that holds impressions of behavior patterns the Soul accumulates over lifetimes.  Past life regression work and meditations offer deeper meaning and more explanation of people, places and things going on in the present time that otherwise just do not make sense!  The Soul repeats these behavior patterns until the lesson of the pattern has been recognized and brought to our conscious awareness to heal and grow spiritually.  The 12th house also represents the feet, and placements, progressions and transits in the 12th house can coincide with foot issues.  The emotion attached to foot problems is related to hesitancy with leaving the past behind and moving forward.  It is more important to focus on the current life and not get stuck in trying to resolve the past, or in a time loop.

Fall is harvest time and finding simple satisfaction through outer, somewhat conventional tasks, and nurturing individual creativity brings peace.  Potential is for ultimate attainment of material wealth once we let go of false perceptions and old patterns.  Apply compassion to fragile state of things.  Dreams and dreamwork can help us discover our own unique gifts that we are here to contribute to the human condition.  Spiritual beings have a human experience.

Lion Mountain Healing

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