Pisces Full Blue Moon August 30-31, 2023

This is the second Full Moon in the month of August, otherwise known as the Blue Moon. It is also a Super Moon and will present itself beautifully close enough to Earth to touch! Blue Moon mythology represents the Feminine principle, transformation, and renewal.  It occurs once every two to three years, so it is considered to be rare. In the sixteenth century “when the moon is blue” indicated something that was near impossible.

Pisces is a water mutable element ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Ruler of the twelfth house represents confinement, past lives, psychic faculty, karma, dream state – the anxiety closet where we hide our fears. Symbolized by the two fishes swimming upstream or against the current. Pisces rules the feet, the Third-eye Chakra, and Soul Realization, “I believe”.  The Mystic, Addicts, Visionary, Poet, and Space Cadet. Crystals to have are rose quartz, calcite, aquamarine, and moonstone.

Peace and solace can be found resting next to bodies of water. Pay closer attention to dreams and experiment keeping a dream journal to track colors, emotions, numbers, and visions. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the God residing deep in the ocean guarding the gate to ancient secrets of the Universe. The Soul must swim very dark, murky waters to develop a strong faith in knowing all is how it should be, and we affect that condition through the emotional body and intuition. When surrounded by chaos and many voices, always follow your first voice.

A Jupiter Venus Square brings expansion and great opportunity in matters of money and love. This Jupiter aspect offsets Saturn holding hands with the Full Moon making it a time to pause and reflect; what have you discovered about yourself through past lessons? What future aspirations stir your passions enough to pursue? Is there something or someone draining your energy that you can let go of? Romance yourself and take time to stop and smell the roses.

Uranus has stationed retrograde which feels like driving down the highway and suddenly shifting the car in reverse! Uranus is making a trine to Pluto which will have you reconsidering what you do for a living, your profession as related to your sense of personal security. Can you find a new way to do the same old task? Reinvent, evolve, and revolutionize your perception on abundance and wealth to manifest unlimited resources. Trust your wisdom while making life changing decisions and ignite your excitement for rearranging structures. Rearrange your furniture or closet!

Connecting the dots is the nature of the current energy. A wonderfully magical and empowering time, and a time to allow the Ego death. Flow in the mysterious waters of the subconscious mind with the fearless curiosity of an innocent child. You are the Sage inspired to remember your relevance to the all that is and bring forth the essence of your Light. Namaste!

Lion Mountain Healing

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