November 30, 2020 Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This is partial penumbral eclipse so more subdued than a total eclipse.  Gemini rules the planet Mercury which is in Scorpio and there is a lot of data and information being circulated with focus on secrets and deception – Scorpio loves a good mystery!

            The Gemini moon is represented by the twins and has an energy of seeking out or one twin always searching for their other twin.  There is a duality and having two mindsets or scenarios which manifests as vacillation.  We will be challenged to make a decision and be resolute with the decision. 

            Referred to as the Beaver moon and has similar vibrations to the October 1, 2020 Harvest moon.  Beavers are hard at work preparing for Winter and the change of season.  Also, called the Mourning moon or a time of meditation on head over heart matters.  You may experience pent up emotions suddenly being expressed.  A time of purging habits and attitudes that are self-sabotaging holding us back from fulfilling our goals and potentials.  Meditate on the release of people, places and things that no longer support your dreams being realized!  Namaste.