New Moon Solar Eclipse 2 Degrees Scorpio October 25, 2022

Transformation, intensity, and renewal are the themes for the Scorpio New Moon. Holding hands with Venus, matters surrounding love, intimacy, our values, Self-worth, and money will be under focus. An opposition with a wide orb to the North Node and Uranus will vibrate memories from the past to assimilate and reinvent the future. This energy demands a deep dive into our most guarded and darkest secrets to transmute fears into Light.

Scorpio archetypes are the Shaman, Detective, Seducer, or the Spy. Scorpio rules the eighth house of the natural Zodiac wheel where taxes, insurance, death, inheritance, and regeneration are found, “I desire.” Ruled by Mars originally and by Pluto since Pluto’s discovery in 1930, Scorpio is a fixed water sign and considered to be the powerhouse of the zodiac for uncanny instincts and intuitive ability. In the physical body, Scorpio rules the organs of reproduction and elimination. Venereal disease can manifest from the emotions of sexual guilt, believing the genitals are dirty or sinful. Herbs such as Black Walnut, Vervain, Golden Seal Root can help ease symptoms as well as the affirmation, “I lovingly and joyously accept my sexuality and its expression.” Scorpio is the Root Chakra representing vitality to the physical body, Life-Force, survival, and Self-Preservation. The glyph is M with a barbed tail turning upward which represents the creation and destruction that is inherent in Scorpio or the male and female sex organs that create new life. Crystals for Scorpio are citrine, obsidian, turquoise and malachite.

An inconjunct aspect to the planet Jupiter at 0 degrees Aries will manifest adjustments in attitudes, and physicality of our body in connection to Earth. New opportunities to expand our knowledge of spirituality and multiple cultures are abundant. Influences of foreign travel and foreign lands will find new meaning and help the decision-making process for the next project or venture. Enrolling in classes of new interests, finishing a degree, and having contact with institutions of higher education are in focus.

Saturn stations direct a couple of days prior to this lunation, prompting forward motion for eccentric studies or reinventing a stalled project. Coupled with the Pluto square to the Scorpio New Moon, an extra boost of energy to find resolution for difficult emotions and situations. This mixture of energies makes it easier to see the outdated and unnecessary behaviors of self-sabotage and learn our lessons about worthiness and self-acceptance. This may be a time of separating from negative groups of friends and activities that do not serve your Higher Good.

Scorpio seeks the truth and deeper meanings to life’s various stages. You may feel you want to spend more time alone to reflect on the emotional body. The New Moon requires release of bitterness, jealousy and rage that may have been buried from past hurts and/or manipulations. The Eagle, Phoenix, and the Scorpion symbolize Scorpio. The Soul is furthering its’ journey to sour with the Eagles and rise from the ash like a Phoenix to start fresh. Ancient wisdoms result from adversity and hardships to teach tolerance and maturity.

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