May 5, 2023, Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

May 1st Pluto stations retrograde until October 11, 2023, and over the last several weeks, we have had a taste of Pluto in Aquarius. During Pluto retrograde assimilation of the change from Capricorn to Aquarius will have time to settle. Change is on the horizon – a breath of fresh air with many opportunities to explore creative expression and embrace our individuality. Rumbles of evolution and humanity awakening to a kinder gentler compassion towards each other with the common ground of courage to embrace the truth.

May 1st is also the ancient Celtic fertility celebration, Beltane which is synonymous with transformation and new beginnings. Beltane reminds us of the sacred nature of sex and the power to create life. Bel, was the Celtic god of fire and the celebration involved burning huge bonfires and the belief smoke from the fires cleansed and blessed the fields, hills, community, and animals serving as the reminder notice of the profound connection between humans and nature. Moon in Scorpio for this eclipse rules the reproductive organs and represents sacred sexuality.  Scorpio is the life-death-life cycle in all things and teaches the importance of that balance.

The eclipse also opposes Uranus and creates sudden shocking revelations where secrets come to light. Finances, possessions, and banking systems are under renovation. Scorpio is deeply Spiritual, the Shaman and this is a time to trust your own instincts and you may feel more like being in solitude than usual. There is a chrysalis of sorts unfolding involving Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun all changing signs over a period of a few weeks. We will feel different and maybe even unsettled.  Have you been living your truth? Are you who you thought you would be or are there changes you need to make to feel authentic? What are you afraid of?

Scorpio has the Soul penetrating deep waters in search of meaning and what is real. Boundaries will be challenged and asserted. Emotional pain from the past is transmuted and ignites the excitement of freedom and harmony. We are in control of our own chains that bind, and we have control to step forward into a new reality as simply as making the choice. Sort out deep feelings. We can celebrate our resilience and ability to be assertive and make decisions.

Pluto making a square aspect to the North Node personifies coming into your own or coming full circle. People and things that may have once held you hostage or captive no longer have that power or control. We are the captain of our ship and intuitively know what we need and what is best for our Highest Good. Pluto squaring the North Node brings attention to the concept of respect. This aspect will have you questioning your social mores and even change how you feel. Saturn trine the South Note is fortunate for letting go of the past and any regrets or sorrow. Saturn matures and teaches us our lessons. Saturn is the still and quiet wise healer within us all.

2023 may have felt shaky to start and now the fog is clearing, and things are much clearer than ever before. The psychic faculty is sharper. It is a time to become empowered by being true to yourself. Take time for self-care and connecting with nature!

Lion Mountain Healing

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