Lion’s Gate 16 Deg Leo New Moon 8-8-2021

Mercury is close by this Sun Moon conjunction with a Venus trine to Pluto – Divine information that brings clear communication and good fortune!

            The Solar Return is when the Sun returns to its’ original position as it was the moment you were born, and in modern times called, your birthday.  From this derives the salutation, “many happy returns”!  Each year at our Solar return we forget anything that disappointed us or didn’t work out and wipe the slate clean – a fresh new start to your next Solar year.  It means to celebrate … Renewal! 

            Offered for consideration, is the concept that your birthday is your own personal Lion’s Gate portal each year.  Time to shine with all cosmic waves making positive forward motion to manifest dreams.  So Be It.

            The energy of the Sun offers natural support to fire things up!  Leo ruled by the Sun, represents the heart and upper back.  The heart is the Soul center, and always leads in the right direction, if we only quiet ourselves to listen.  Symbolized by the Lion, King of the Jungle, a strange dance between dominance and submission.  The Strength card in Tarot, the power of the Lion tamed by the gentle Spirit.  The infinity sign and number 8 meaning the Universe is abundant – we need only perceive it as so. 

            Leo can be prideful and opinionated and must strive to stay mindful of their heart and having compassion.  The modern association Leo has with mirrors is thought to be vanity – Leo is insecure, and the mirror represents viewing others to keep their own behaviors in check.  The paradox of Leo is often seen as a leader but in truth, Leo is the eternal child that just wants honest love.  And then there is splashing paint on a gigantic canvas!

            The Fifth house of the natural zodiac is Leo’s house and rules art, children, creativity, matters of the heart and the Sacred Clown.  Look to the Fifth house for information on adopted children, daughters, grandparents, and stepchildren.

            Over the next few weeks, and especially for those with Sun, Moon or Venus between 12 and 20 degrees of Leo, events get a rocket booster!  Expect an abundance of coin, gold, amber, diamonds, rubies, and opportunities abound for advancement and stability.  Coming out of a storm teaches resilience and strengthens one’s faith in the Soul’s ability to recover and heal. 

Meditate on your most heart-felt desires and dreams and release self-limiting beliefs!

Lion Mountain Healing

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