Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse October 14, 2023

Eclipses magnify the gravitational pull in the cosmos making feelings more intense. The focus of this first of two eclipses this month will be relationships, justice and beauty. Libra is the Lover, Artist, Diplomat, Peacemaker and Counselor. A Cardinal Air sign ruled by Venus and natural ruler of the Seventh House. The Seventh House provides insight into marriages, partnerships, the public and open enemies “I Balance”. Librian crystals include opal, topaz, aventurine, jade and aquamarine.

Libra rules the kidneys, ovaries and lower back. A common ailment are urinary infections and represent being angry and blaming others. Herbs like celery, juniper, parsley and dandelion can help soothe symptoms. Kidney issues can represent disappointment, criticism and shame and herbs like marshmallow root and santolina can help. In general, this eclipse cold present lower back pain and not be related to anything other than being stressed out.

Mercury is within a few degrees of the lunation and there will be a quickness to information being circulated and you may see people reacting too fast without balancing the facts and making informed decisions. Uranus is inconjunct the new moon eclipse and that will create adjustments in behaviors, attitudes and plans of action. Uranus in Taurus is still retrograde so it may mean going back over plans and experiencing delays. Taurus rules, horticulture and financial systems both which are undergoing upgrades and changes.

This lunation is squaring Pluto which has recemtly stationed direct. It is time for solutions and making forward motion in spite of fear. Notice your inner resistance and meditate to free those outdated mindsets and behavior patterns that keep repeating. Pluto still in the late degrees of Capricorn, and brings atttention to integrity in work and being honest. Value systems continue to be deconstructed and rebuilt. These are good days for managing details in life, de-cluttering and concentrate on goals in addition to the strategies to reach goals.

What was happening for you in Fall of 2004? This Libra eclipse will be triggering that same degree as 19 years ago – were there relationship chapters like getting married, or getting divorced? Generally the feelings you were experencing then will be manifest in similar ways this month. Be honest with yourself and take time to be alone if that is needed to sort thoughts out and be at peace. Enhance your surroundings, listen to music, dance and express yourself creatively.

Historic events are taking place with leadership and the justice systems. It was in 1910 the last time a Speaker of the House, ceremonially the highest ranking legislative official in the United States, was revolted against, Joseph Cannon but the vote failed. Halley’s Comet returned to Earth’s vicinity in 1910. Other noteworthy items from 1910 include the arts and entertainment industry starting to make movies, steel shaft golf clubs are patented by Arthur Knight, and the first airplane flight from deck of a ship! Contracts and compromises will be in the spotlight!

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