Libra New Moon September 25, 2022

A time of renewal when the light of day and dark of night are equal. Libra symbolized by the Scales demands justice and equality. A Cardinal Air sign, “I balance” and ruled by the planet Venus. Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh house in the Zodiac wheel, and the seventh house represents the public, marriage, partnerships, open enemies, the diplomat, judge, procrastinator, and peacemaker. Physically, Libra rules the ovaries, kidneys, and lower back. Common urinary infections reflect the emotion of anger and blaming others. B Complex vitamins help balance and neutralize ph levels in the urinary track. Celery, Juniper and Cornsilk along with cranberry are food items to add to the diet. Kidney issues can indicate emotions of disappointment, criticism, and shame. Herbs like dandelion, marshmallow root and santolina along with the previously mentioned diet items can help. Opal, topaz, jade, tourmaline, and aquamarine are crystals ruled by Libra.

In the northern hemisphere, this is also the autumnal equinox marking a time of seasonal changes in nature. A preparatory time for Winter and a good time to take inventory, evaluate, and make practical short term and long-term goals – a threshold. Mercury in Virgo remains retrograde until October 2 and is within four degrees of this new moon. Also, retrograde are the planets; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto which signifies times to go back over previous ground literally and spiritually. The Soul is preparing for new beginnings and reflecting on the lessons we have learned to move forward using discernment and wisdom.

Times are perpetually shifting, and our task is to maintain peace and calm amidst the chaos. Learning new skills and subjects, taking classes in an unknown area rejuvenates and creates fresh outlooks. Jupiter in Aries is opposite this new moon and is pioneering and reconnects with the inner child. What did you love to do as a child and reinvent those, usually simpler, activities as an adult. These combinations of energy will melt rigid opinions and attitudes. The Libra new moon explores the ability to compromise and show empathy towards others.

Venus is separating from an opposition with Neptune and as the opposition widens people and situations become more and more clear. Venus opposite Neptune sees people and situations in dreamy fantastical ways, is seductive. The Uranus Saturn square is activated again during this time and for those life lessons that have not been learned, more chances to grow and push the boundaries become apparent. Every Soul has unique and individual lessons to learn, and the Soul may feel a need to find quiet space, observe, practice patience, and reconnect with nature. Namaste.

Lion Mountain Healing

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