Libra Lunar Eclipse March 25, 2024

This Full Moon will pack more power being it is an Eclipse as well. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign symbolized by the Scales and representing the Lover, Artist, Diplomat, Peacemaker, Counselor, the Flirt and Procrastinator. Venus rules Libra, “I balance”. The desire to be fair on all accounts, Libra is often indecisive. The Seventh House is ruled by Libra and that is where we find open enemies, marriage and partnerships. The lower back, kidneys and ovaries fall under Libra rulership. Urinary infections can be manifest from the emotions of blaming others and being angry. Herbs like celery, juniper, buchu and cornsilk can help. Kidney problems are associated with disappointment, criticism and shame and helped by dandelion, cranberry and/or apple juices, marshmallow root and santolina. Crystals for Libra are opal, topaz, aventurine, jade and aquamarine.

Venus holding hands with Saturn in Pisces fosters a more compassionate approach to difficult situations. A time to apply lessons learned with setting healthy boundaries. Eclipse energy is the trigger and it may be time to allow others to carry their own load and recognize people pleasing does not last long term. Try to stand back and observe before putting into motion any major actions. What was going on for you in October 2023? Similar themes may reappear.

The fuzzy vibrations of Neptune Saturn and Venus in Pisces cloak what we see in the three dimensional reality so that we delve deeper into our subconscious mind and raw intuition for our answers and decisions making process. Our dreams have been communicating nuggets of information to connect the dots in our waking lives. This lunation will support the ability to see clearly and find balanced resolutions. Water can be both clear and murky however once something surfaces, we are then equipped with information to know the next move.

The Sun and Mercury now in Aries, the temptation to be compulsive is prominent, and draw on the peaceful energy of Libra to slow down and be more observant. Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on April 1 (until April 25) another reason to pump the brakes on reacting to sudden occurrences or taking impulsive actions.

Pluto is making a nice trine to the Moon and provides the fortitude to be patient and allow the Universe to unfold naturally. Pluto is the reminder of notice of the life-death-life cycle in all things and learning to go with the flow when energies are choppy and inconsistent.  This is a good time to explore new hobbies, unveil the artist within and refine the details of your goals!

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