Libra Full “Pink” Moon 4-16-2022

Libra is a Cardinal, Air sign ruled by Venus and rules such things as law and order, fine art and
artists of all kinds, the endocrine system, and glands in general. Represented by “The Scales”
demanding balance and fairness. Libra must consider all angles and collect all the data before
rendering a decision without succumbing to indecision. During this full moon, there will be final
judgements and completion of lengthy investigations. Natural ruler of the seventh house of the
natural zodiac and signifies, partnerships, marriages, open enemies and “others” or the public.

Venus is the Goddess of beauty and brings attention to love and beautifying surroundings. She
was born from the foam of the sea made by the severed genitals of Uranus. Uranus had been
unjust to his children and in revenge his wife, Gaea, fashioned a sickle from stone and their son,
Cronus with the help of his siblings assassinate their father. An example of the karmic balance of
every action has the opposite reaction. Gaea’s scorn and revenge on Uranus produced the
opposite, a Goddess that oversees childbirth and teaches forgiveness. Love conquers all and deep
spiritual true love transcends all bounds of constriction or limitations. The myth symbolizes the
struggle for power within a family and the extent a mother will go to save her children, even at
the cost of having her husband killed. Venus was born an adult and oversaw fertility, prosperity,
cultivation of crops and gardens. The first full moon of April is called the pink moon reflecting
the initial colors of Spring flowers in the Northern Hemisphere.

This month’s full moon is squaring Pluto which will make it easier to sever ties with people,
places and things that no longer serve our Highest Good. The Pluto in Capricorn square may
uncover knowledge that has been hidden and is now brought to the Light of justice, fairness, and
balance. This could be in a court case as well as an internal struggle with guilt or pain from the
past. Saturn making a positive aspect, or Trine to the full moon will lift some of the heaviness
and restriction that has been hampering forward progress or completion of projects and goals.

A confusing mix of aspects with Mars and Uranus may bring up anger that can manifest physical
systems with urinary tract or kidney issues. Forgive yourself and recognize that the sexual
pressure, guilt, shame or disappointment can be released through meditation, affirmations and
simply making the choice to be kinder and gentler with yourself and others. Try to add more
celery, parsley, juices and berries to your diet to aid with cleansing of the endocrine system.
Some of the gems and crystals under Libra’s rulership are opal, topaz, jade, tourmaline and

The energies of Libra and Venus make for intellectual and social activities – planting a garden,
throwing a party, or celebrating life in general, creating art and having faith that the scales of
justice always eventually balance. What has been out of balance in your life? What can you do to
make your surroundings more pleasurable? A time for Spring cleaning and de-cluttering our
minds, hearts, and homes. Make the choice to find contentment in the present moment so you
manifest many contented moments. The more positive our vibrations, the more likely we are to
create our desires of love, beauty, prosperity, and happiness. Namaste.

Lion Mountain Healing Copyright 2022