Leo New Moon August 16, 2023

August 2023 is a month of astrological phenomena empowering each individual to express deep desires and reveal untamed energy! Leo is a Fire Fixed sign ruled by the Sun, symbolized by the Lion, and rules the heart. Leo is truth, courage, and strength, “I will”. Rules the fifth house where we find children, speculation, entertainment, romance, and the arts. What is your most inner desire and what are you willing to sacrifice to attain your truth?

The Leo New Moon is squaring Uranus feeding a square to Pluto – profound change and transformation is on the horizon. You will manifest your thoughts so this is a time to focus on positive growth. Face your fears and heal the inner child that has felt abandoned. With Venus conjunct the New Moon, your values regarding money and lessons in love  transmute old wounds of lack, low self-esteem or low self-worth, not feeling lovable. Search your heart for the truth of the matter and be willing to start fresh having matured from past experiences.

Chiron trine Venus and sextile Mercury is tempered fire. Sit with your compulsions awhile before acting. Enjoy the moment with velvet like foods and set aside time to be lazy, what is your guilty pleasure? A time of being creative and finding humor in human nature. Trines bring natural gifts and streaks of good luck! Take that chance to share your art and learn to receive adoration.

Jupiter trines Mercury holding hands with Mars supports making better diet and health decisions. Strive for better health and conquer unwanted habits once and for all. Connect with others that have like goals and expand your network. This is a signature configuration for successful publications and supports all modes of media. Also, the formula for ending karmic cycles connected to ancestral patterns. Vesta in Gemini squaring Mercury and Mars connects to the home, hearth, Mother, siblings, sacred fire, and the Eternal Flame. Mars is opposing Neptune making for ambiguous, foggy dreams and communication. This is a covert, twisty kind of connection that precipitates change and exposes secrets.

Black Moon Lilith is currently in Leo, the Queen of the underworld. Not a planet, but a placement, the dark side of the Moon represents our hidden identity, a void or missing piece. Lilith is sexual liberation and independence joining the New Moon configuration creates opportunity to be honest and come clean about our Truth. Lilith teaches stewardship, and the importance of consistent courage as a conscience effort to establish and maintain justice. Individuals and groups prosper when hardships are conquered at any cost of minor well-being or inconvenience. Two truths we know; we are all connected as a Group Consciousness, and the Sun brings the Light to the Dark.

Lion Mountain Healing

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