Leo rules the heart, and is the seat of the Soul.  Souls are being awakened to seek the Truth both on an individual level as well as collective.  Additional aspects to this full moon involve Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius bringing break throughs that escort the old   patterns and ways out to usher in new- found freedom, transparency, knowledge and Divine Intervention.  This full moon reminds us of the paradox in life between fate and free will.

The Leo full moon makes a 90- degree angle (or square) to Uranus, Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus.  Wow, let’s take a breath or two and be still a moment or as long as possible.  One interpretation of this mixture is simply the bully or passive-aggressive behaviors.  On the receiving end of this kind of negative energy is the catalyst for summoning the courage to break out of unhealthy patterns. Most important to develop the Watcher of our minds and ego and not get drawn into manipulative and chaotic energies – meditate, walk in the fresh air and sunshine.

Finding like-minded friends to exchange frustrations and wisdoms helps to recognize and change cycles that no longer work.  Writing, any creative expression removes blocks in our path to living honestly and from the heart. Namaste.