Leo Full Moon January 25-26, 2024

Leo the lion, the King or Queen, Performer, Clown, Child, Prima Donna ruled by the Sun. The first Full Moon of January is referred to as the Wolf Moon representing the hunger of howling wolves in mid-Winter. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign and rules the Fifth House, which is where we look for children, entertainment, speculation, and romance. Leo is the hopeless romantic and rules the Heart and Upper back. Leo shows you where you are passionate and creative with the reminder that it is never too late to have a happy second childhood.

Aspects to the Leo Full Moon are edgy and unpredictable so take extra precaution with your words and temper the drama around you in relationships and work communities. Pluto opposite the Moon is complex and illuminates secrets and things that are hidden. Strive to detach from negative energy and be aware to cleanse your own aura. Within a day of the Full Moon Uranus in Taurus stations direct and for the first time in a while all the planets are direct. This lunation is a good time to practice patience with yourself and others.

A Fixed T-square between the Full Moon and Jupiter supports narrowing your focus on specific areas of your life and keeping a positive outlook. Mars square Chiron conjunct the North Node brings a “fated” element to events unfolding. It is important to establish healthy boundaries and establish your role within certain groups and associations with others. This mixture may uncover truth that hurts. Leos are fiercely loyal, sometimes to a fault, and with Neptune square Ceres, a betrayal close to home could surface. Be cautious when sharing personal information while Neptune is opposite Juno to avoid being taken advantage of. Communicate with grace or be ready for a fight. Leo is often brutally honest. It is okay to be lazy and let these energies settle for the weekend.

The Mars Mercury conjunction trining Uranus is unpredictable and a good adage to remember is you reap what you sow. Mars Mercury in Capricorn is argumentative and unsettling. Financial markets are volatile. Dealing with insecurities around authority, government and the extent artificial intelligence interrupts life will be topics of conversation and causes of division. The message is to focus on what makes you feel passionate about your work and adjusting as needed. Leo helps you find the leader and teacher within yourself. You may have sudden unexpected communication for an exciting new role in your career, community or on stage!

Leo inspires creativity, take a few days to decompress and to do something you loved as a child. Be honest with your feelings and honor your heart. Create, create, create!

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