Leo Full Moon February 5, 2023

Full moon in a fire sign means getting unstuck and squaring Uranus could mean quarrels and speaking the truth straight from one’s heart. Unspoken truth could manifest as heartache and upper back pain. Leo is ruled by the Sun and symbolized by the Lion – it is all about the truth and getting to the heart of a matter.  The Lion is brave and willing to fight to protect. Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house, a fixed fire sign, “I will”.

The fifth house is where we find children, entertainment, real estate, the stock exchange, and speculation. Leo represents gold, ruby, opal and amber.  Archetypes are the artist, king/queen, clown, senator and the hopeless romantic.  Rules the heart and upper back; high blood pressure can symbolize imbalance in the body and healing herbs are yarrow, betony and linden. Low blood pressure can be forlornness and helped with lily-of-the valley and rosemary.

All planets are direct and the full moon is making a trine to Chiron in Aries – fast energy with power to complete projects and goals. Coming out of the Moon opposing Pluto along with Venus and Mars squaring each other – you may find the resources and groups to support your desires through the workplace. This is supportive to pursue creative endeavors and draw outside the lines. Mercury is in a wide conjunction with Pluto inspiring new perspectives and rethinking old wounds. This combination creates a sulking feeling so spend time in nature to  help reenergize and dispel any depression or discouragement. Prepare for unexpected travel and/or communications. A lay-off or a seemingly unfortunate event actually opens the doors wide for new growth and opportunities.

In Greek Mythology, Leo is named for the Nemean Lion, a fierce beast with impenetrable fur and claws like swords. Hercules, the son of Zeus, battled with his stepmother, Hera, (goddess of marriage, women) to the point Hercules went mad and killed his wife and children. As punishment for his deeds, Hercules was tasked with Twelve Labors. His first labor was to defeat the Nemean lion which symbolizes victory over the ego, from habitual selfishness to physical ego. Zeus rewarded Hercules by placing the lion’s body in the night sky, hence, the Leo constellation.

The Leo full moon brings deep inner reflection and observation of the heart and is a time to bring forth brutal honesty in all areas in order to fulfill creative potential and heal inner child wounds. Find time to dance, create, have fun as well as connect with your inner (lazy) cat!

Lion Mountain Healing

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