Jupiter Saturn 2020

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on December 21, 20220 is a planetary aspect occurring every 19-20 years.  Baby Boomers born 1961-1962 had this configuration at the time of birth.  These are leaders with strong work ethics and the desire to always seek the truth and higher purpose in life.

            Saturn is the healer and teacher.  Father Time represents structure, restrictions and patience.  Saturn is responsibility or our ability to respond.  The ruling planet for the sign of Capricorn symbolized by the sea goat; part mountain goat and part fish.  The workaholic with deep spiritual convictions.  Jupiter is the largest planet in our galaxy and represents expansion, philosophy and freedom.  Rules the sign of Sagittarius as symbolized by the Centaur or wounded healer.

            An example of Jupiter and Saturn holding hands is the expansion and contraction natural to changing tire pressure when temperatures change from warm to cold seasons – it is very subtle but can also cause delays if we are not paying attention and/or learning our lessons.

            With each of these Jupiter Saturn cycles comes growth, change and empowerment.  With growth comes maturity, but not without deep soul reflection and letting go of pride and an over-active ego.  Strive to keep calm, slow down, practice mindfulness amidst chaos.