July 9-10, 2021 Cancer New Moon

What is the nature of a crab, the symbol of Cancer?  Hard exterior shell protecting a soft, fleshy inside with claws that do not let go without leaving scars … crabs smell their food prior to eating and have a sideways motion.  Never underestimate a Cancerian, tenacity is the overlooked characteristic that is dominant in their nature.  Ruled by the Moon, and the key words are, “I feel”.  Ruler of the fourth house in the natural zodiac, representing the home, mother, nurturance, security, the grave.  Cancers bind their emotions up in their stomach causing issues with digestion.  Peppermint is a natural herb used for easing an upset stomach. 

The New Moon is opposite Saturn in Capricorn continues the theme of questioning structures and outside authority while also questioning how we feel about our own authority and authenticity.  Saturn is also making passes with Mars and Uranus continuing the themes of fire and earth stubbornness fueled by the spontaneity of air; this creates chaotic and ever-changing narratives and upheaval of social standards and government structures. The stoic parental type of discipline, wagging fingers in faces, comes to mind as one interpretation of the energy. 

Saturn is Father Time and teaches us our lessons and patience, moves very, very slow, and feels restrictive.  Going through Saturn transits represents a time of maturity, growing up and de-cluttering our lives of friends, family and material items that are negative and unsupportive.  Saturn rules bones, teeth and skin – take special care during these transits, remainder of the year. Saturn is structure and responsibility – or teaches the ability to respond. 

The Cancer Capricorn axis is one of the most spiritually complex in astrology.  Both energies hide deeply sensitive and soul-rooted feelings behind a kind of brick wall exterior.  Cancer has to learn to let go of perceived hurts from others and forgive.  Capricorn learns to allow some of that deep feeling sensitivity to be exposed.  Both energies are learning vulnerabilities and handling intimate emotions in a healthy manner.

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