January 2, 2022 Capricorn New Moon

During Winter nature is still and quiet. A time for healing and learning the lessons nature teaches. Capricorn is the fish-tailed goat, the workaholic of the Zodiac and works extremely hard to get to the top of that mountain. The fish tail represents Capricorn’s deep connection to the Spiritual realm. Often giving the impression of being stoic and unconcerned when actually has deep emotions – still waters run deep. Capricorn is very resourceful and often sees value in someone else’s discarded items. Shrewd and always gets the value for their money. Some Capricorns can have sickly childhoods only to live long, healthy lives with long memories. Capricorn is a skilled crisis manager and loyal, bringing order to chaos. We must be careful, and balance even amounts of time and leisure. Using work as an escape only prolongs the eventual task of letting go of perceived hurts and find forgiveness for Self and others. A time for embracing our inner cave.

Saturn rules Capricorn and is referred to as Father Time associated with duty, responsibility, or the ability to respond. Saturn is the Lord of Karma with a keen sense of purpose and direction. Saturn is a restrictive energy and teaches patience and maturity, while ruling authority and governments. Saturn is squaring Uranus during the New Moon and may result in sudden changes with money and material possessions or sense of security. Recognize that your true worth is not in material items or reflected in the balance of a bank account. True self-worth comes from finding gratitude in all our experiences, good and bad. Learn to trust your own instincts and inner truth will guide you to the paths and people that assist you in your Soul’s mission. You are the architect of your life and have all the carpentry skills and building materials you need on your path within you. Careful not to follow outside influences. This New Moon presents unexpected opportunities that may challenge our comfort zone but be open to investigating the new change or relationship. Saturn will test your self-confidence.

Meditation to align the spine and chakras (energy centers) helps to stay calm using the natural wisdom of the earth and cosmos. Place crystals around your space to help deflect negativity. Turquoise is Capricorn’s stone and helps with protection from negative energy. Strive to maintain a high vibe so when you start to feel low say something positive to lift yourself up again. Capricorn rules knees, bones, and the skin. Be aware of how you are feeling physically as connected to how you feel emotionally. Knee pain, teeth and skin problems can be a symptom of resistance to moving forward and flexibility. Take extra time to rest and rejuvenate – the more you slow down, the more time you have. Remember you are right where you are supposed to be, and nothing meant for you will be lost. Often too much time and energy are spent worrying or being anxious. Mastering ourselves teaches others to stay calm and trust instincts. Begin the new year by affirming the desire for the Highest Good for all so love and peace can close the divide. Namaste.

Lion Mountain Healing

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