Gemini New Moon June 6, 2024

The Twins, each searching for the other, ruled by Mercury, a constant thirst for mental stimulation and disseminating information. Gemini is a mutable air energy, “I think,” easily bored often considered to be fickle. They are the witness, the storyteller, chatterbox eternal adolescent and the trickster. They have an inherent ability to connect people, information and ideas and circulate communications of all types. Highly intelligent, versatile, quick-minded, can be out-spoken and often communicates with questions however does not necessarily stick around for hard answers.

Gemini rules the nervous system, shoulders, arms, hands, and lungs. The emotional symptom of depression can be related to difficulty letting go and healing herbs like oats with vervain or basil can help and activities such as journalling to minimize depression and shifting attention to others. Gemini is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra which represents lessons of radiance, warmth, awakening, humor, laughter, transformation and immortality. Reduce stress and tension with celery, spearmint, rosemary, bee pollen, exercise and meditation. Issues with lungs and asthma manifest from repressed crying and the fear of living fully, try thyme and eucalyptus. Shoulder pain relates to carrying burdens and pain can be eased with comfrey, wall germander or a moist heat & castor oil compress. The crystals of Gemini are moonstone, citrine, calcite, opal, agate and tigers eye.

Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house and when transiting can bring up events with siblings, aunts and uncles, children, cousins, step children, automobiles, bicycling, short trips, publications, letters, radio and television broadcasting, school systems, treaties and storms. The New Moon holding hands with Venus suggests new romance, friendship, family, community and harmonious opportunities to bridge the gap making stronger understandings of emotional needs and nurturance. The Venus Moon conjunction supports positive conversation making people feel more relaxed and beautify surroundings. Take an art class, go into nature for hiking or canoe down the river.

Gemini New Moon squares Saturn in Pisces brings focus to finding creative paths forward to make difficult situations work, emphasis on … creative! Pluto trine Jupiter supports regeneration of family dynamics on a grand scale and breaking free of conventional social patterns. Gemini reminds us of the duality of life and refers to two parts having opposite meanings, like the duality of good and evil. If there are two sides to a coin, metaphorically speaking, there’s a duality. Finding compromise often means seeing both sides of the story!

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