Gemini New Moon – June 17-18, 2023

Gemini is duality and symbolized by the Twins, an Air Mutable, “I think”, ruled by Mercury. Gemini is the natural ruler of the Third House representing Communications, Short Trips and Siblings. Archetypes like the Witness, Storyteller, and the Trickster. Rules the nervous system, arms, hands, shoulders, and lungs. A common emotional condition is depression and is a symptom of having difficulty letting go. Oats with Vervain, Lemon Balm, Borage, Basil are healing herbs for depression. Journaling your feelings also transmutes emotional distress. Get active, break a sweat, and move the energy through the Chakra system. Crystals and stones good for Gemini are Moonstone, Citrine, Calcite, Opal, Agate, and Tiger’s Eye. Yellow is the Gemini color which represents the Spirit and inspires curiosity. The warmth of the yellow Sun brightens the environment synonymous with the uplifting nature of Gemini.

Take time to set intentions for new projects and actions during the New Moon.  This serves as your reminder notice to find value in connections and your local community. Take time to listen carefully before responding, and you may feel exasperated with multiple matters happening simultaneously. Let there be no regrets and focus on your horizon.

The New Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces can cause chaos and disorganization. Make extra efforts to keep track of records and dates. Keep patient to allow the dust to settle and clarity will ultimately surface. Neptune is at home in Pisces and magnifies the psychic faculty. Trust your instincts and intuitive nudges. Neptune in Pisces indicates making sacrifices that are worth making and improving situations. We can find a balance between intuition and logic.

Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology are the twin sons of Jupiter and Zeus. Considered to be famous horsemen and ruled over sailing and athletes. Pollux was immortal and Castor was not. They became a constellation when during a battle Castor was killed. Pollux being so heartbroken at the death of his brother, prayed to Zeus to make Castor immortal. Pollux sacrificed half of his immortality so that his brother would become immortal. The glyph represents two brothers holding hands to show the unbreakable bond between brothers even after death or exchange and interaction: duality and neutrality.

Mercury in Gemini is making a positive aspect to Venus in Leo opening doors for communication between Twin Flames and chances at new love. Venus conjunct Mars creates feisty expressions of romance!

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