Gemini Full Moon December 7-8, 2022

Natural ruler of the Zodiac Wheel’s Third House, The Twins, a Mutable Air sign ruled by the planet Mercury, “I think”. Archetypes such as the Witness, Storyteller, Eternal Adolescent, the Trickster express Gemini energy. Best crystals for Gemini are Moonstone, Citrine, Opal, and Tiger’s Eye.

Rules the Nervous System, Arms, Hands, Shoulders and Lungs. A common symptom of difficulty letting go is depression. Oats with Vervain or Lemon Balm, Borage, Basil, and journaling are all helpful for healing emotional distress. Issues with lungs such as Bronchitis or Asthma are the manifestation of the fear of living fully, or possible repressed crying. Herbs like Eucalyptus, Thyme and White Horehound are helpful. Experiencing shoulder pain is the indication of carrying burdens and pain in general can be helped with Comfrey, Celery, Wall Germander as well as moist heat Castor Oil compress.

Across many cultures is the story of Twin Flames – the Twins, Flame Split-apart; one Soul split apart with the constant urge of searching for the lost Twin. Two counterparts that are balanced within and balance without. Equal vibrations of energy expressed as masculine and feminine, the Yin and the Yang, two halves which balance each other out. A mysterious legend with speculations of various possible truths.

On December 3, the planet Neptune stations direct within hours of making a 90 degree aspect (square) to Venus in Sagittarius and with Mars in Gemini close to the Full Moon, expect tension, conflict and direct communication with the potential of causing arguments. This lunation is making a 120 degree (Trine) aspect to Saturn and this gives positive forward motion for projects that have been delayed or languished without direction. Seeking a mentor or teacher to assist with accomplishing goals helps to conclude unfinished business. Neptune squares the Full Moon and will bring clarity and a rather uncomfortable push-me, pull-me feeling like being pulled in different directions.

As we conclude 2022, many opportunities exist to assert our Self Worth, healthy boundaries and setting the proverbial record straight. Growing pains and emotional maturity continue as familiar themes of this Fall period preceding the Winter Solstice. Be mindful of what triggers you and be brave to face your fears  to transmute negative thought patterns and behaviors. Not a time to be meek or shy. There is an eternal flame burning in every Soul to stoke and shine Light in the darkest corners. Trust your instincts and follow your dreams!