Gemini Full Moon Dec 18, 2021

The Twins, Gemini is an air mutable sign ruled by the planet, Mercury. The Archetype of twin brothers that were never apart. Born of two different fathers, Castor was mortal and Pollux was the Divine son of Zeus. Zeus disguised himself as a swan to seduce Leda. Castor and Pollux are patrons of travelers, athletes, sailing, cattle, the huntsmen, airlines. Honored and revered for their readiness to be present in crisis to protect and help. Castor was fatally injured, and Pollux asked his father, Zeus to share Pollux’s immortality with his dying brother. Zeus immortalized the brothers in the constellation of Gemini. Natural ruler of the third house in the Zodiac chart, representing communication, phones, teachers, siblings, relatives, and early childhood. Writers, books, tests and circulation of information and disinformation. For the body, Gemini rules the shoulders, collarbones, arms, fingers, blood circulation, vocal cords, and the voice.

Gemini energy is best spent learning new subjects. It could be learning crystals and stones as natural healing modalities. Crystals and stones to help with dexterity in the hands and balance the nervous system especially caused by stress and overwork. Amethyst, Hematite, and Coral  help with blood oxygenation and circulation. Stones that assist with calming are Aquamarine, Citrine, Moonstone and Rose Quartz. Place your stones and crystals under the light of this full moon to revitalize the vibration. The December Full Moon has been called the Cold moon referencing the frigid temperatures in various places on the earth.

End of the year evaluations, heightened tensions and busy calendars will require focused intention are keeping steady amid the chaos and taking time to decompress. Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Journaling are tools to help keep sane. The Twins are always seeking to learn more as well as always seeking the other Twin. Intellectual stimulation is key to staving off boredom. Gemini is changeable and likes to keep moving, sometimes challenged by finishing projects and follow through, mostly due to taking on too much at one time. Focus on time management skills. This full moon is at the Galactic Center and will bring conclusion to assignments and projects.

Within a day of this full moon, the planet Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn and could bring work related and love related people, places, and things back from the past. Mercury moves in Capricorn that supports communications from the past regarding love and money. Mars has just changed sign to Sagittarius earlier in the week and will heat up conversations surrounding the truth of the matter. Learning patience and compassion are themes for this month as Jupiter enters Pisces December 28, also making it too easy to over-indulge in foods and refreshments! Try to relax and enjoy community, friends and family and give yourself a break from routine the last couple of weeks of 2021. January 2022 brings Mercury and Venus closer together. The planet of innovation and revelation, Uranus, is slowing up to station direct mid-month combining energies of clarity on plans and implementing exciting modern technologies!


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