Full Moon at 17 Degrees Pisces – Sept 10, 2022

A time of heightened spirituality and celebration of each individual’s creativity. Humanity is only created one Soul at a time and each Soul is unique with their expressions of Self. Together the collective has the power to move mountains with the mission of inspiring others to take a deep dive into the subconscious. Pisces is ruled by Neptune (and Jupiter in ancient times) and is the mystic, dreamer, poet, a visionary, and on the negative side, the addict. Natural to the twelfth house in the natural Zodiac wheel which is our anxiety closet where we stuff our fears and secrets, where we find information on past lives, ultimate destiny, hospitals, and institutions, our psychic faculty. Pisces is a mutable water sign and says, “I believe”. Much like a psychic sponge, Pisces is empathetic and feels what others feel and must consciously cleanse and protect their energy from being drained. Crystals such as rose quartz, calcite, sugalite, aquamarine and moonstone fall under Pisces.

Pisces rules the feet and the emotion connected with foot problems are having a hard time moving forward and/or understanding ourselves and others. Amongst herbs to help with foot issues are wild yam, guilder rose, celery and germander. Pisces is the Third-eye Chakra which vitalizes lower brain and central nervous system, Soul realization, intuition, wisdom, and perception beyond duality. Duality recognizes that the dark and the light and all part of ‘the whole’.  We are all one, and everything thing in this life ends with death. Love and hate may seem like opposites however these emotions are just extremes of the other and part of the one existence.  We are here to learn how to accept our differences and the opposites as part of life.  The one life experienced by the two selves, the ego self, and the true self.  Pisces is symbolized by a pair of fish swimming against the current representing differences with conscious and subconscious mind or between fact and fantasy. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac and has experienced every lesson taught by the prior signs.

This full moon is holding hands with Neptune and intensifies the dream state and metaphysical experiences. Consider keeping a dream journal and making a deliberate decision to sleep with intention to retrieve and search the subconscious for answers relating to present time questions and situations. People and things from the past that have been buried or forgotten may come to surface. Neptune is magical and works like a salve to heal old pain and wounds. Mercury has stationed retrograde (until October 2) a day ahead of the full moon and you may tie up loose ends, review, edit or redo tasks. We could experience more moments of déjà vu during the full moon conjunct Neptune, Mercury retrograde and a sextile to the North Node and Uranus. Take time to give thanks and show gratitude for all the events you have experienced, good and bad, because much of how we experience life is determined by our perspective and Neptune dissolves the lines between realities to help us connect more deeply with our Soul’s authenticity and expression. Namaste!

Lion Mountain Healing

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