Full Moon 21 Degrees Capricorn July 13, 2022

The fish tailed goat symbolizes Capricorn’s deeply Spiritual roots found in the depths of the seas while standing tall at the top of the mountain. A Cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn and natural ruler of the 10th House. The 10th House is where we define our profession, reputation, and honor. A very resourceful energy, Capricorn finds ways to reuse, recycle and repurpose what other people discard. Rules the knees and bones in general. Capricorn is the workaholic of the Zodiac and works extremely hard to reach the top of that mountain. Represents archetypes of the Prime Minister, Father or Elder, the Hermit and Strategist. Lower expressions of this energy are the Tyrant, Curmudgeon or Schemer. Capricorn is here to learn discipline, responsibility, and discernment. Under this Full Moon place your crystals and gemstones like obsidian, tiger eye, smokey quartz, rose quartz and clear quartz to cleanse and replenish the vibration.

Saturn is Father Time and can make us feel restriction and limitation, teaching patience. This is the time we contemplate our own sense of authority and how we respond to government authorities and other authoritative figures in our life. The Full Moon will bring opportunities to complete team projects and develop potential by respecting the contributions of each human and value systems. It is through social experiences that we refine our talents and skills – a time to emerge from the hermit’s cave and share knowledge of lessons learned with your community.

An injured knee could be a reminder notice to be more flexible. Arnica, Comfrey, Thyme, and Chamomile are herbs that can heal knee pain. Teeth problems are an emotional manifestation of longstanding indecisiveness and financial worries and along with Chamomile, Cloves and Yarrow are herbs to assist with healing. The Full Moon has influences of Neptune and Pluto which means being mindful and reviewing the small print so not to miss out on an advancement or valuable information. We want to be flexible and methodical. Responsibility broken down is, the ability to respond.

There is a wide conjunction between the Sun and Mercury creating a barrage of information from multiple sources to review. Neptune Trines the Sun and Mercury making a fog in the mind and leading us to trust our intuition and retrieve key details through dream work. The Moon is conjunct Pluto, and this will bring renewal of old worn-out inefficient systems. Expect upgrades and reconstruction of communication systems. Saturn moved from the home sign of Capricorn into Aquarius in December of 2020 and the dawning of a Spiritual Awakening will be spotlighted for this Full Moon. The feel of a wet wool blanket with Saturn in Capricorn has now faded away to reveal the electric and eccentric nature of the Water Bearer – Aquarius. With this transition comes heightened interests in Metaphysics, Astrology, Quantum Physics, and ancient mysteries. Hold on for the ride, there are discoveries coming to Light!

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