February 11, 2021 – New Moon 23 degrees Aquarius – Casimi Moon

Cazimi Moon is good luck, and any projects that may have seemed stalled wiil get an opportunity to succeed.

February long celebrated as the month of romance and in some cultures, the beginning of mating season for birds.  As folklore would remember in the 1400’s, Valentine was a Temple Priest and Healer in Rome.  He was beheaded for helping Christian couples wed to spare husbands from war.  Legend goes, he signed a letter to the jailor’s daughter (who he had cured of blindness) before his execution, “from your Valentine”.  Mid 1800’s, commercially produced valentine cards appeared depicting Cupid, the Roman god of love, along with hearts, spiritually the seat of the Soul and emotion. 

Yellow crocus is the flower of St. Valentine – however never give yellow roses to your Valentine – they symbolize jealousy.  Violets are the ultimate gift to your Valentine as these precious tiny plants were growing outside the jail cell where Valentine awaited his death.  Red roses symbolize love and beauty.  Tulips were the flower of choice for a girl to give her boyfriend.  Tomato is also known as the “Love Apple”.  He was made the Patron Saint of lovers, beekeepers and epileptics. 

Also, occurring during this New Moon is Venus conjunct Jupiter also in Aquarius – big, unconventional, sudden, thunderbolt & lightening epiphanies surrounding matters of love and money!  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and represents the internet, software, air travel, foreign cultures, the ankles and amber and can produce very agitating vibes.  Expect the unexpected and then it will change again, the lesson here to develop a grounded calmness during a storm – weathering the storm sort of speak.  Use time to reflect on lessons of the past to strategize movements into the future.  A time of Spiritual awakening and maturity.  Seek to listen and follow the wisdom in your heart.   Fight external forces that seek to sway you from your truth. Copyright Lion Mountain Healing 2021