Dec 3-4, 2021 Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Embrace the chaos and keep your wits, use your discernment. Neptune’s illusions challenge us to look more deeply behind the veils to see clearly and trust our heart. Neptune stations direct December 1st in its’ home sign of Pisces, bringing Light to the corruption of Spirit and false prophets. Faith renewed – love, grace, mercy, and redemption prevail! Exciting times to be alive!

Jupiter rules Sagittarius – the Truth Seeker and Wounded Healer. We must feel the pain to be equipped to help others through their challenges. Mercury within one degree of the New Moon Solar Eclipse circulates information as well as gossip, knowing the difference is key. There are many distractions created to inhibit the exposure of what is real. These are history making times with stories that will be passed to future generations.

A Jupiter-Mars square may make the truth difficult to accept but is the only path to redemption of the oppressed. Saturn square Uranus is like poking the caged bear, and the eclipse will trigger the bear to break the bars that bind. We are all here to find our inner roar, stand tall and be sovereign.

Pluto holding hands with Venus in Capricorn will have us re-evaluating our feelings about love and money. Challenging work is supported naturally to get to our authentic Self, maintain healthy boundaries and see situations from a higher perspective. A time for renewal in love and how we value ourselves and relationships with others. Asking ourselves tough questions to find freedom of thought and take appropriate action. A full solar eclipse is likened unto the Tower card in Tarot and if we are not moving along on our path, eclipses are the Universe’s 2 x 4 that kicks us into gear. Sagittarius breaks free from convention, expectation and patterns that do not serve your Highest Good.

We are in uncharted waters and chose to be here living this template. Keep calm, be patient and open your mind to seeing unbelievable, sometimes magical, events. Know in your heart, “You’ve got this”! Be still to know your true Self and to find the sanctuary that you seek.


Lion Mountain Healing

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