Cappy is the fish-tailed goat representing a stoic harsh exterior but with deep spiritual connections to the ethereal.  Ruled by Saturn and representing authority and responsibility, Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign meaning teachers, leaders and those in authority.  Capricorn can appear cold and detached and have a complex self defense system that protects their deeply sensitive Soul.  Capricorn is resourceful and sees value in other’s discarded items.  This resourcefulness can be expressed as “the user”.  That mountain goat works harder than any other zodiac sign to reach the top of the mountain thus designating Capricorn as the workaholic.

This New Moon is close to Pluto, the God of Regeneration and the Life-Death-Life cycle of all things.  Together this is an extra intense time of transformations occurring both internally and externally.  We’ll be making adjustments, reviewing perspectives, and most importantly setting healthy personal boundaries.  Setting realistic goals and having a plan to grow, mature and be authentic.  A lot of purging, out with the old to allow clear space for the new.  By listening to our own inner instinct, we start fresh while never forgetting the lessons of the past.  Very powerful New Moon teaching compassion for those we have dismissed in the past.  Time to break through self- imposed limitations and face the fears, denials and delusions of the past that keep haunting us – the Karmic wheel turns.

Joseph Campbell quote, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”.