Capricorn New Moon January 11, 2024

111 portal supports the Self facing Self, letting go of old worn out stories and focus on long term goals for career and finances. Raising consciousness to sync with higher vibrations as generated by historic solar flares. The New Moon at 20 degrees Capricorn is within a few degrees of Pluto in its’ last degree of Capricorn where it is most intense. Saturn rules Capricorn and represents authority whether it is government or ourselves as an authority. Saturn encourages maturity as a result of having learned lessons from repetitive unhealthy behavior patterns in order to see our past experience from a higher perspective. Specifically forgive those you perceive have hurt you. Mars falls in the mix with Pluto bookending the New Moon and can cause us to reflect on resentments, jealousy, anger and feelings of being overwhelmed. It is extremely important to maintain a practice of finding your Center and find calmness through breath work, aromatherapy, meditation, tai chi and other modes of relaxation.

The fish-tailed goat represents a deep Spiritual connection while projecting a stoic persona. Capricorn can appear austere and cold but is deeply sensitive and prone to withdraw into work when emotionally challenged. Relief with difficult emotions comes with a Trine from Uranus in Taurus to this New Moon bringing a lighter energy full of innovative ideas and new ways of doing mundane tasks. A Uranus trine brings unexpected gifts and opportunities from the Universe and swiftly moves us along our Soul’s path to reach our highest potential. Uranus will station direct by the end of January and things will move along much quicker. Uranus rules Aquarius and the Sun and Pluto move into Aquarius January 20 kicking up the emphasis on the space age, extraterrestrials, metaphysics, quantum physics and humanity.

With a sextile from Neptune in Pisces to the New Moon there is a magical fantastical element to our daily lives and heightened telepathic abilities.  Create, create, create and anything you create will have long lasting effects. Neptune is mysterious and seduces with the tendency to see people through rose-colored lenses, protecting us from seeing harsh realities. Swim in your dreams while keeping a tether to the shore to maintain a sense of grounding. This lunation will have people navigating a tidal wave of emotions and ever-changing shifts of energies.

The New Year New Moon will bring themes of deconstruction of government authority, exposure of corruption, reconnecting with freedom and striving for authenticity, financial systems evolving, new forms of healthcare delivery systems through artificial intelligence and longing to have Soul-full work towards a peaceful existence for humanity. 2024 offers many surprises and welcome necessary change – just as a reminder notice, the only thing permanent is change. Namaste.

Lion Mountain Healing

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