Capricorn Full Moon July 3, 2023

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn and is the natural ruler of the Tenth House where we find reputation, honor, profession, employer, mother, or father. Saturn teaches us discipline, persistence, prudence, and tradition. Under Saturn aspects we can feel restricted and limited creating the opportunity to learn patience and wisdom.

Capricorn and Saturn rule the knees, spleen, teeth, bones, and skin. Knee issues can represent inflexibility and herbs that help with pain are Arnica, Comfrey, Thyme, and Chamomile. Teeth problems can occur from longstanding indecisiveness and financial worries. Herbs to help with teeth problems are Roman Chamomile, Cloves, and Yarrow. Capricorn crystals are obsidian, tigers’ eye, smokey quartz and rose quartz.

This lunation brings practical activity and getting organized with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously especially on the home front. Spend time cleaning, purging, revitalizing spaces and rearranging. A trine to Jupiter in Taurus brings natural good fortune, pay outs from investments, life being more pleasurable, job offers and unexpected gifts! Luck uncovering hidden resources and treasures which offer expansion and frees up space from all the cleaning out!

Full moons bring an intensity of Light and Capricorn rules government and authority so we may see more come to Light on legal matters. Practice discernment and stick to the facts, make clear boundaries. Ceres in Libra will balance the scales of justice. Ceres was the Roman Goddess of agriculture, fertility, grains, the harvest, and cultivated crops. Look for attention brought to the awareness of the food chain, how food is stored and refined. Focus on your diet and healthful habits. Ceres is making a trine to Vesta and will bring ease to achieving goals, desires, and plans.

The full moon is at 11 degrees Capricorn and the Sabian Symbol is “A large group of pheasants” and brings emphasis on every aspect of existence – a Spiritual Awakening, finding your unique Self and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Recognizing the simple power of words as ritual and being acutely aware of how thoughts become things – so only think good thoughts!

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