Cancer New Moon June 28-29, 2022 at Seven Degrees

Child of the Moon, wild as the tides, in flow with the Universe is the essence of Cancerian energy. The Sabian Symbol for Seven degrees Cancer is, “Two fairies on a moonlit night.” Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon ruling the Fourth house in the natural zodiac. The stomach and breast area of the body, the mother or father, home, the grave, land, and security with key words, “I feel.” This may be the strongest of the New Moons this year since the Moon is in its favorite place. Emotions running deep. The symbol is the crab -a hard shell protecting a fleshy inside with sharp pinching claws. Crabs have a sideways motion as do Cancerian people who also have a tenacious, nurturing, and responsive nature. Crystals ruled by Cancer are ruby, emerald, moonstone, rhodonite, chrysoprase and amber.

Cancerian people hold their emotions in their stomach, often experiencing indigestion from the feelings of dread and fear of change. Some Herbs to help with upset stomachs are ginger, yucca, cloves, licorice root, lovage, fennel seeds and peppermint. Cancers are the gardeners and find peace by digging in the dirt, taking care of plants, and learning patience. Meditations to focus on the heart chakra should be done under this New Moon with thoughts of Divine/Unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion.

This New Moon is squaring Jupiter and Chiron in Aries which manifests as growing pains and maturity. The roles of parent and child could reverse, and extra awareness needed to not pout or whine about additional responsibilities. You will be stronger and expand your horizons having had these experiences. Emphasis on children and our own inner child. With a trine to the asteroid Vesta, you may move or make changes within a home, entertain in your home, and reconnect or create family bonds. A time for surrounding yourself with people who support your Highest Good, nourish your Soul, and if those surrounding you do not nurture you then spending time alone may be the perfect way to spend the New Moon. A square between Mars and Pluto can make tempers on edge and prime setting for outbursts or arguments. The New Moon is conjunct Black Moon Lilith which can bring out the dark side of people, places, and things. Try to face your fears and purge any negative self-talk and self-destructive behaviors.

Neptune stations retrograde on the same day at Twenty-five degrees of Pisces and will remain retrograde until December 4. You may readdress the same issues this Fall as you are now in matters of profession, dreams, and sorting facts from fiction. You may reform your religious or Spiritual philosophies based on information uncovered. Use these deeply psychic energies to tune in to your own instincts and trust your first voice. These are times to depend on your inner intuitions and not rely on outside influences to determine what is best for yourself or your future. You may feel insecure so use Spiritual tools to find solace and calm and to reach your personal sense of well-being. Spiritual practices create confidence to navigate deep waters.

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