Cancer New Moon July 5, 2024

Cancer the crab, a Cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon and natural ruler of the Fourth House where we find old age, the grave, Mother or Father, Home environment, Land. This New Moon will place parenting in the spotlight – reparenting our own inner child, ancestral patterns, and memories and how our needs were met or not. How have we been influenced by our ancestors?

Cancer rules the breast, stomach, and chest areas, is nurturing, kind and protective. Cancerian people have a sideways motion to their movements, smell their food before eating and never let go of anything that did not leave claw marks! The New Moon and Sun close to Venus in Cancer making this a warm, fuzzy time and may offer physical comfort and shelter. Sometimes a gentle hug, easy smile or words of encouragement is all a Soul needs to shift a vibe. Venus, Moon, and Sun in Cancer is about food, celebrations, and socializing. A trine with Saturn will offer the discipline to restrain from overindulgence and help balance a tendency to become too maudlin or sentimental.

The New Moon configuration is making a square to the South Node which would dwell on regrets from the past or try to rehash situations better left in the past. An opposition to the asteroid Ceres is a reminder to not get too emotional or attached to people, places or things that do not serve our Highest Good. A Moon sextile Mars is motivation to focus on a home project to clear out clutter and or rearrange, plant seeds figuratively and literally. Honor your own psychic impressions as this is a heightened time for intuition and instincts being on point.

Saturn in Pisces stationed retrograde on June 29, 2024, until November 15, 2024, Neptune in Pisces stationed retrograde on July 2, 2024, until December 7, 2024, and Pluto in Aquarius remains retrograde until October 13, 2024. Uranus in Taurus will station retrograde September 2, 2024, until January 25, 2025. Feeling sluggish, low energy and like things are not moving forward is typical of these outer planets in retrograde motion, but it also happens each year this time of year, so we are somewhat accustomed to the proverbial “lazy days of Summer” (in the Northern Hemisphere). Retrograde energy is about reflection and inner Sight, not making any decisions too quickly if possible. Mercury in Virgo stations retrograde on August 5 until August 28, 2024, and Mercury being a more personal planet (closer to the Earth) we feel it affects our daily lives more so than the far away outer planets of Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus.

Mercury has changed signs from Cancer to Leo this week, which is far more dramatic and lively for spontaneous adventures and getting out and about. Venus moves into Leo on August 12, again adding spice to life and romance!

On July 4, 2024, the United States of America celebrates 248 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the birth of a Nation – a Cancerian Nation, the Mother Country. Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all in Cancer, with an Aquarian Moon and Sagittarius Ascendant representing freedom, truth, revolution, evolution, and individual expression!

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