Cancer New Moon July 17, 2023

Finding nurturance in masculine energy. Breaking down the stereotypes society has falsely created. Tenacity is Cancer the Crab, a soft fleshy interior protected by a hard shell – ruled by the Moon, a Cardinal water sign. Natural ruler of the fourth house in the Zodiac wheel, the home, Mother, end of the matter, the Grave, old age, land. The Heart Chakra represents Divine/Unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. The Healer and Parent ruling ruby, emerald, moonstone and rhodonite.  Intense feelings may manifest as upset stomach, indigestion, heartburn. Ginger, Yucca, Cloves, Licorice Root, Fennel Seed, and Peppermint ease stomach issues and meditating on the release of dread, fear of change and holding on to hurt.

The New Moon is opposite Pluto – the opposition can indicate life chapters, things separate and cycles complete. Cancer “feels” everything as well as how others feel. Affirm feelings of gratitude for all the adversity recognizing every degree of experience, every tear serves a purpose and evolves the Soul to the next journey. Time to close the book on old pain, and negativity that only defeat our efforts to reach goals and turn visions into reality.

Neptune trines the New Moon and Sun, bringing tenderness and vulnerability to surrender control. Quantum Physics 101 and open to the magic of the Universe realizing dreams and manifesting positive reflections. Tenacious and determined to end unhealthy behavior patterns, and toxic relationships. Saturn opposite Mars supports removing that poisonous thorn and promote deep healing, deep thoughts and deep conversations. Disturbing secrets uncovered. Brutally honest talk sets the record straight and applies the lessons learned so our Soul can reach the purest essence.  

The Nodal Axis shifting to the Aries Libra opposition – Aries – I know who I am and I know what I want. Libra – no longer being compliant to please others. Completing a Cardinal Grand Cross with the New Moon Pluto opposition, Divine Intervention, transforming situations, standing in One’s own authority and empowering others to do the same. One Consciousness, humanity can only transcend dark, dense energy by linking arms and helping each other. Strength in numbers and strong unconditional love – great Spiritual Awareness.

Jupiter in aspect to Mercury offers enormous opportunities for expansion, publishing, discovery and leveling up. Movement in financial markets and circulation of information regarding new currencies and the value of currency. Uranus square Venus creates changes in financial markets. A creative explosion of the arts, sculpture, ceramics and expressing your art and embracing individuality.   Spend more time being silent.

Venus stations retrograde July 22 and is an 8- year cycle. What was happening for you with love and money August to September in 2015 and/or 2007 – reassessment of values. Release your hard memories to the Light and continue to push through the density of vibration that tries to hold you back. No regrets! Slow, deep breaths … enlightenment.

Lion Mountain Healing

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