Cancer Full Moon January 6, 2023

The year’s first Full Moon is also referred to as the Wolf Moon. It designates the time of Winter when wolves are howling from hunger and the desire to connect with their Soul family. Wolf is the teacher and brings knowledge and wisdom to humankind.  As the days grow longer, more Light shines through to thaw the Winter landscape. Synonymous with the sub conscious mind, Souls are stirring out of the dark to seek enlightenment.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the natural ruler of the fourth house where we find home, the end of the matter, Mother or Father, early childhood environment and old age, the grave. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign ruling the stomach and breast with key words, “I feel”. Cancer energy is psychic, nurturing, the healer and tenacious. Shown as the symbol of the crab, a crustacean with a hard exterior shell, fleshy underbelly and claws that resist letting go. Cancer never let go of anything that did not leave claw marks! Strong Cancer energies hold feelings in their stomach, keep the home hearth burning and can be moody and changeable just like the Moon. Best crystals for Cancer are ruby, emerald, moonstone, rhodonite, chrysoprase and amber.

Cancer and the Moon are the Heart Chakra representing Divine/Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Compassion. Upset stomach or indigestion issues reflect emotions of dread, fear of change or holding a grudge. Some healing herbs for stomach problems are Ginger, Yucca, Cloves, Licorice Root, Fennel Seeds, and Peppermint.

Mars and Mercury remain retrograde during this Full Moon. Mars in Gemini stations direct January 12, and Mercury in Capricorn stations direct January 18. Feeling like not much is moving or happening will linger. Mercury retrograde is conjunct the Full Moon and encourages expression of feelings and circulating information. Moon Sextile Uranus creates breakthroughs and eases impact of dramatic exchanges. Wounds could feel exposed and are being uncovered to heal. The Full Moon holding hands with the asteroid, Pallas Athena, represents your talents in the arts, wisdom, justice, and creative ventures. Pallas Athena is the master at negotiation always striving to make win- win situations, as well as “offers people can’t refuse”!    This lunation is making a sextile to the asteroid, Vesta which also brings focused attention on the home. There could be a change in home, cleaning up, cleaning out and making spaces cozier and nurturing. The Moon cleanses in both physical and ethereal realms.

Primary focus for this time is honor the inner Wolf, be a leader to the community in matters of education and connecting resources between elements to make life better for the whole. Find forgiveness in your heart and let go of negative patterns that hold you back from completing projects and fulfilling your Soul’s potential. Rely on your intuition and remain steadfast to your core beliefs. Venus and Pluto are in a wide out of sign conjunction and will bring up more shadows from the sub conscious to let go and heal. Over the next few days Venus is making positive aspects to Jupiter and Mars creating abundance and assertion of boundaries for future goals. Venus has moved into Aquarius awakening the humanitarian easing the energy to allow for a wider sense of common ground surrounding family, friends, and community.

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