Cancer Full Moon December 26-27, 2023

This is the last Full Moon of 2023 at four degrees of Cancer and Cancer is ruled by the moon.
This will intensify emotions on all levels and particularly surrounding family, home, the mother
and father, the grave or end of a matter. A Cardinal Water sign, “I feel” ruling the fourth house of
the natural Zodiac where we find early childhood environment and surroundings. Cancer rules
the stomach and breast. Symbolized by the crab and takes on traits of the crab such as smelling
their food before eating and having a sideways motion. Cancers are sentimental and have a
difficult time letting go – like the sharp pincher claws of the crab.
Cancer is the healer, parent, psychotherapist, crybaby, invisible man or woman. Crystals under
Cancer rulership is ruby, emerald, moonstone, rhodonite, chrysoprase and amber. Remember to
place your crystals in the light of the full moon to reenergize. Cancerians hold their emotions in
their stomach and often experience indigestion or upset stomach. Emotions like dread, fear of
change and grudging can manifest in stomach discomfort and may be eased with ginger, yucca,
cloves, licorice root, fennel seeds and peppermint.
The Full Moon is making a positive aspect (sextile) to Jupiter in Taurus and making our homes
more comfortable and taking time to review our resources and finances is eased. Mother Moon
can assist with removing barriers to our financial goals and wishes for a more fulfilling life. A
Trine to Saturn enhances intuitive aspirations and brings epiphanies we should not ignore. Tears
may flow more easily during this lunation bringing a cleansing of old emotional guck and letting
go of past hurts or pain.
Looking forward to the New Year, we will see major shifts of planetary energy. Mercury in
Sagittarius stations direct on New Year’s Day and will change sign to Capricorn in mid-month
making close aspect to Mars which has moved into Capricorn the first week of January and
closely followed by the Sun moving in Aquarius. Expect unconventional systems of
communications and evolved inventions regarding the world wide web and the way we do
business. The day after the Sun enters Aquarius, Pluto dips back into Aquarius, and by Fall will
be in Aquarius until March 2043. More changes and rebirth in humanity and a growing interest
in expression of individuality with themes of freedom, revolution, restructure of legal systems to
constitutional, common law and technology.
Pluto was last in Aquarius between 1778 and 1798 or the Age of Revolution and when countries
challenged ruling authorities. The War of Independence between the North American colonies
and Great Britain, the French Revolution of 1789, the Haitian Revolution and the Age of
Enlightenment. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and in 1781 the planet Uranus was discovered. We
will see new modes of electrical transmission, transit and outer space.
April 2024 Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will be conjunct. The last time they met up together was
2011 and these are themes of banking systems. The stock market crashed in 2011, Osama bin
Laden was killed, the Curiosity rover was launched to land on Mars and there was a threat of
nuclear disaster in Japan. Spring will bring intensified feelings of new beginnings, freedom, and
independence. We could see severe weather patterns of tornados, thunderstorms, and
earthquakes. Souls are pushed to find their authentic Self and identify and return to true intimacy
not accepting a zombie-like existence just going through the motions and perceived expectations.
Our first total Solar Eclipse of the New Year is April 19 at 29 degrees of Aries, and this supports
exciting new beginnings with no looking back in the rear-view mirror. Exciting new
opportunities to create art and pursue your dreams. Hold on for a roller coaster ride that will
ultimately bring us to a higher level of consciousness and well-being. Namaste!
Lion Mountain Healing
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